Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Happy Day!!!

It's a very HAPPY Tuesday!!! yes, i'm still grinning ear to ear.... my card isn't finished yet so i don't have a creation to share with you... but i do have some HAPPY news... =D Last month i was lucky enough to win some of Teri's awesome gift tags... and oh my! seeing and feeling it IRL, i give this girl props for all her preparations she put into this... omgoodness... i don't know how she does it... anyway, i got them in the mail and she surprised me with some goodies... mmmm! lookie here...
Can you see her beautiful tags?!?! gorgeous... sorry, but i won't be attaching these to any gifts... it's going in my book of GREATS... hehehe! trust me, it's too wonderful to use... please don't mind my background... LOL i threw tissue paper over my desk to hide my mess.. LOL...
here's a close up of her tags.... and that one with the house.... the base is embossed and it looks and feels great... it opens up and inside is a to..from.. label... i'm in awe finally being able to look at her creations IRL... Thank you Teri for the wonderful gifts!!!! it was a total surprise! LOVE you GF for thinking of me... =D hopefully soon we get to meet IRL too...
and then for even more happy news.... this card here placed top 3 at La La Land's challenge blog... and to "top" it off it had the most votes.... WOWEE!!! i couldn't believe it... i was super excited... never would i have thought i'd place top 3 let alone great enough to have most votes... Thank you to Irina and the fabulous DTM over at La La's for making this one of my very proud moments... i hope this inspires you to hop on over to their blog and play along... =D
alrighty friends... i just wanted to share some happiness with you all... in hopes to bring smiles to your faces too... yes, i'm still smiling.... =D <-- see... as many of you will be off for the holiday tomorrow, i'll be stuck in the office until 1pm... the stock market isn't closed so i unfortunatel don't have the day off... but with the early time out i hope to finish up some creations for you! be back soon!


  1. Congratulations,Kris! That really is a great card!!!

  2. Congrats Kris! Your card is awesome! So nice RAK from Teri :)

  3. Glad you enjoyed the tags and goodies! I love your card! Where is that image from? It is too cute!!


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