Friday, November 27, 2009

Family time....

Happy Fir-day!!! hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving... and to those of you that were up early this morning for a shopping spree, hope you all got what you wanted... I had to work unfortunately, and i wasn't daring enough to chance my luck at snagging up some good deals and be at work by 7am... we did however shut the office at 11am and then went to hit up Walmart and see what was left... ha! barely anything.. i managed to snag a few of the sleeping clothes for the girls and lots of dvds... other than that, that was it... it's okay, i got to snag some online deals... =D

well, i haven't be crafting much in the sense that i haven't been really participating in challenges... i have a few that i'll try and complete this weekend, but no promises... with Christmas quickly approaching us, i'm trying to finish some goodies that i need to send out ASAP... i know mail will start to take longer in the next few days and i want all my packages out by next saturday so that it will make it in time for Christmas... but, i have to finish up everything first... it's finiding the time to do so...

i don't have any creations to show you today... unless you'll count my tree decorating as one... just wanted to share some pixs of our traditional tree decorating...
Miss Alia trying to figure out how to put her ornament on the tree... everytime she had a success, she would scream "i did it!"
Miss Krislen and Daddy putting their ornaments on the tree... hehehe, they were trying to hang my barbies and i was screaming "don't touch my barbies!" LOL...

My girls.... resting after the tree was complete with all of our ornaments...
here's our Christmas tree... the only theme i have is a "Kiddie" Christmas... can you believe i still have some handmade ornaments from when i was in elementary school... thanks to my grammy for keeping most of it... Krislen's handmade ornaments beginning from preschool is on there as well as both girls first Christmas ornaments and then their collection from each year... of course i have all my barbies dating back to 2000, my asian glass ornaments and my butterflies... so yes, no color theme or any of that... it's just really kiddie...
i'll have a creation for you tomorrow, maybe a few... but right now the DH and I are going to start wrapping some presents to go under the tree... (finally going to clear out my storage closet)... hopefully when we are done i can get some craft time in too... idk, my eyes are getting pretty heavy...
Thanks for sharing a moment with me... i hope today marked the beginning of the Christmas season for all of you with all the shopping and deals... May you have a blessed Friday and a wonderful weekend... come back to visit here soon! hugs!


  1. 1) your girls are gorgeous
    2) your tree is super
    3) like the holiday blog look

    it's all good!


  2. Hi Kris, Now I know why we get along so well. I have been a Barbie fan forever..I love her and I still play with my Daughter when she wants me I say you are never too old for Barbie. Is that weird? Who I love your tree, and I love that you let your girls do it up like they want. I think Christmas is for kids anyway, so they should remember decorating it with Mommy and Daddy and not have to stand 20 feet back just to enjoy it. I remember growing up when would put our boards from games(life, sorry)on their sides under the lights and play Barbie. Wow, I have not thought of that in forever..Sorry to go on, but your wonderful pictures have made me remember some great childhood memories. Thanks, and have a great Saturday, Lisa G

  3. Wow Kris it looks like christmas in your house is magical!
    I think its awesome that you dont have a colour scheme that ts all for kiddies - thats what its all for anyway!
    When i was younger our tree was a show tree - no fun - it looked beautiful but boring - i wish we had had a tree like this!
    I am defo going to steal your idea and o something like this for Millie!
    love tasha xx

  4. Wow Kris you sure are ready for Christmas and you have your little elfs helping you. Your girls are adorable. I like how your Christmas tree as all the handmade ornaments, that's the best part. Your tree sure lighten up your house. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. You have a beautiful family and Christmas tree Kris! It's the kind of Christmas tree I grew up with, love them and it's so fun going around finding all the ornaments each of us kids made in grade school.
    Have an magical Holiday Season Kris!

  6. Oh, and I forgot to tell you that I made the Mini Cheesecakes for our Thanksgiving gathering and they were a big hit! Thanks so much for the recipe!

  7. Aww, Kris, if I wasn't in the holiday spirit before, I sure am now after looking at your precious girls decorating your tree! I love it! Enjoy your babies ... they grow up so fast! Love you Sis! Take care!


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