Friday, August 13, 2010

Announcement: Special Delivery!

Aloha Friends!!! Yes, i'm still around... i know i've been missing since last week, when all my trauma started... Last Tuesday i was admitted into the hospital with contractions and my doctor made every effort to stop it.... However, in the process, my body managed to develop other sicknesses, which lead my doctor to send me to a specialized hospital because i was only 33 weeks gestational.... Under close care at Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children, they managed to treat me for my first sickness that had been causing most of my pain, but, could not stop the labor contractions... as labor contractions continued i developed preeclampsia, another scare for my pregnancy... after realizing that the doctors could not stop my contractions and preeclampsia was present, they decided to deliver baby.... so, i'm proud to announce my special delivery:

Keenan Shigeru Kanalupaehonua Palakiko
was born 08.09.10 @ 1:34 am ~ 5lbs. 10oz. and 18in. long

yes, my bundle of joy has graced us with his presence... because he was born at exactly 34 weeks gestational, he is under care in the NICU (neonatal/newborn intensive care unit) but is doing extremely well... i look forward to a speedy recovery for myself and my son so that we may return to our home and our family... being away from home this last week has been tragic and i miss my darling daughters dearly... an ocean of tears separate us right now, but with faith, we will be together again soon!!

I want to THANK YOU all for leaving such sweet well wishes and congratulations comments and for the emails of support and care... Thank you to Kim Yu for putting on a wonderful Surprise Baby Shower Blog hop for me!!! i have browsed the hop and want to THANK everyone that participated for sending such loving joy my way.... i cried (and cried again).... it was also a big surprise to see my friends particpate along with Lollipop Girls... THANK YOU so much girls for the unconditional love and support!!! when much better, i will hop along the hop again and leave my love.... but i guess the surprise was on all of you.... what coincidence baby wanted to be born on the same day as your surprise for us!!!

with my announcement finally made, i'll be off from crafting for a while... hope to peek in and sneak some commenting here and there to all of you but no promises as i really want to get better, make sure my son gets stronger and go home.... so no crafty posting from me, but i will try my best to still come around and check out your awesome inspirations.... LOL, lots of pain meds so if i missed to say anything, i'm sorry... i don't intentionally mean to forget... well, time to get going so, i'll see you soon!!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Meets and treats and in betweens...

Tuesday Morning Laziness!!! yep, that's me.... LOL.... Holy moly, my weekend went by so fast... lots of running around and prepping, not much sleep, last minute happenings, celebration and then back to school!! phew, i'm surprised i didn't already collapse... hehe.... but i did enjoy the weekend!!!

Finally got to meet a good friend that i met a year ago when i first initiated my blogging adventures.... She and her family came to visit Hawaii from California this summer and we had the pleasure of spending some time together.... Thank you so much Colleen for visiting with us!!! Here's a pix of my family and Colleen's family on our Maui Ocean Center adventure on Saturday...
Our kiddies enjoying their time together as well... haha! they're looking all over the place....

Colleen and I at the end of touring the ocean center.... can't really see my big belly... hehe.... this part of the island was a little windy, although the sun was out, i was in good comfort with the breeze...
Colleen surprised me with this RAK.... she knew how much i LOVED the embossing folder she used on one of her cards that she sent to me and got me my own!!! i was SO excited and happy!!! and i can't wait to create with it... look at that beautiful flower she made too... and that card is so adorable! Thank you VERY much Colleen!!!
My baby shower was on Sunday and for some reason my camera went missing that day... so i have NO pictures of that to share with you... =( i have to see what pictures my sister took and try and get some from her.... but all in all, even without the camera, we had lots of fun among good company.... everyone had thrills playing the clothespin game... remember those clothespins that i tied ribbon to?! anyway, everyone had a clothespin and the secret word was "baby"... so if anyone heard you say the word, they could steal your pins.... oh my did we have good laughs with that one since here in Hawaii, we call almost all the kids baby... my oldest DD had the most pins at the end of the game... a total of 8 she was able to snatch... fun, fun, fun! Food was yummy and family and friends made it extra special... we were showered with lots of loving gifts, but the most special was just having everyone there....

Yesterday marked the first day back to school for my DD#1!! and i made an effort no matter how tired i was or how wobbly i walk to take her to her first day of 2nd grade... i think she was ecstatic about that as well! She said her teacher is really nice and that she thinks she'll enjoy the new school year... i hope she does too.... school really matters... among all the exhaustion i still had to clean up my big mess from opening presents and go through the gifts and make a list of things we still need... mission accomplished and now it's just picking up the last necessities we don't have and prepping for baby to arrive... i'm pushing my self to get into nesting mode... last night ended with a nice dinner with Colleen and her family before they leave Maui today... only one missig was my dear hubby who is off island again for work... but it was nice to spend one last time with the Kwan family... Thank you very much for dinner Colleen and Benson!!!

Now that most of my stress is relieved, i hope to find more time in the craft room.... with only my baby (ok, she's not a baby but a toddler) home with me i think i can manage keeping up with the house and having some me time too... there's so much i want to do.... just not enough time in a day... but wow... i think i've shared a lot with you and should be letting you go now.... eek!! sorry, i can go on and on... haha!

so before i let you run off into blogland, be sure to check out the new blog at Lollipop Crafts and play along with our debut challenge!!! it's an easy one so why not?! okay.... toodles for now!! and some big hugs too!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Lollipop Crafts Debut Challenge!!!

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Happy SWEET Monday!!! I am super excited to announce the debut of a new challenge blog, Lollipop Crafts!!! Yes, after lots of planning to get it on it's way, the Lollipop Girls are extremely happy to bring you our very FIRST challenge!! Be sure to head on over to the blog and get all the full details on how to particpate... Let me give you a few...

Challenge #1 - Anything Goes, is issued by me!! so, ANYTHING goes!! Just create anything your heart desires and make sure you link your creation on the Lollipop Crafts blog... what's more?!? There is a prize at stake... so if you want a chance at winning, make sure you play along...
Thank you very much to MelJen's Designs for sponsoring our first challenge!!! It is definitely a Sugary Sweet prize that is being offered... and another HUGE THANK YOU for allowing the Lollipop Girls to use some images for their creations! Wow, we are ecstatic with your generosity!!!

Time for my debut creation.... something I hope will make your day extra sweet
Please visit the rest of the sweet Lollipop Girls and show them some love... links to their blogs are on my sidebar... and don't forget to check out the new blog too!!!

Have a SWEET sugar filled day!!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy 2nd Anniversary to THE GREETING FARM!!!

If you've reached my blog from the master list over at the TGF Blog, then you are well on your way through the hop... And I do hope you are enjoying all the sprouting around the farm in celebration of a wonderful and special day... If not, I do recommend you start your hopping from the TGF Blog!! Don't want you to miss out on anything...

Let me start by saying "HAPPY 2nd ANNIVERSARY TO THE GREETING FARM!!" Thank you so much for all the farming and fun and new sprouts!! It has truly been another FABULOUS year and I am looking forward to many more to share with ALL the friends of the FARM!!! Wooohooo!

I won't take up anymore of your time... I know there is a lot more awesome creations you need to check out, so here's a few of mine in celebration for this awesome farm rockin' hop!!!

Now head on back to the TGF blog and visit the next blog on the list!!! Have loads of fun and be inspired!!! Thank you SO much for coming to check out my creations!!!

Happy 2nd Anniversary to The Greeting Farm!!!!