Friday, February 17, 2012

An AWARD for me, an AWARD for YOU!

It's ALOHA friday!!! what are your weekend plans? anything crafty happening? or is it just one of those weekends to kick back and chillax (chill and relax) as we say in Hawaii?!? whatever the weekend brings you, i wish you the best!!

so, although i haven't been crafting or blogging as much as i should or want to, i feel REALLY honored to have been passed an exquisite award from some wonderful and talented crafting sisters! Big MAHALOS to Joy, Sweets and Colleen for sending this award my way!!! it is definitely an honor to be recognized and appreciated!!!
These awards give small bloggers with less than 200 followers some well deserved recognition for their creations. Here are the rules:

Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog.
  • Link back to the blogger who presented the award to you.
  • Copy and paste the blog award on your blog.
  • Present the Liebster Blog Award to 5 blogs of 200 followers or less who you feel deserve to be noticed.
  • Let them know they have been chosen by leaving a comment at their blog.
so, we all know crafting/blogging is like a fashion fad... we all get into one big thing that is new and then eventually the latest craze begins to wind down... in crafting, blogging to be precise, it's the same fad... and that means not everyone are getting the recognition they deserve... these awards are always hard to pass on because i do feel ALL of you deserve recognition... sometimes i do have to play by the rules, BUT please know that in my heart, YOU all deserve this AWARD!!!

my 5 picks in NO particular order are:

1. Cyndi ~
2. Linda ~
3. Jenny ~
4. Cheryl ~
5. Debi ~

these ladies above are extremely talented and have given me lots of crafty inspirations!! in fact ALL of you have given me inspiration in one way or the other and i'm very very grateful for that!! PLEASE check these wonderful and uberly awesome ladies out because they are bound to inspire you!!

THANK YOU again to those who have passed this award on to me! and THANK YOU to all who continue to support my crafts and blog!! although i'm not able to show you my sincere gratitude, please know that it is there!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!! =)

off to duties on this beautiful Aloha friday!! May today, tomorrow and every day forward bring you the brightest days and the fondest memories!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

March Secret Sister Swap Sign-ups

Howdy ya'll!!! i've been seeing some FANTABULOUS swaps from the players in my SSS and it brings me such joy to know that your SS is enjoying the surprises!! WOW!!!!

With that said, it's time for March sign-ups... March marks the beginning of spring, or so it is distinguished since it's the first month of the spring season... like all other seasons in Hawaii, we don't really feel the change of seasons... i take that back, we do feel SUMMER and know when it's here! March also represents my birth month and although i'm not looking forward to being another year younger, i deal with it when it comes around... LOL... don't be so stunned when asking how old i am and it takes me a little while to reply... after 21 i've lost count and truthfully i'm doing the math in my head... hahaha!

NO THEME FOR MARCH! Anything goes... whatever you want to create is fine and dandy... =)
sign-ups will be open until February 26th Midnight HST.

Reflection of my mini rules for this swap (Please take note of the blurbs in red):

1. You can swap anything you think is appropriate. Such as cards, 3d projects, gift tags, altered items, etc. You are not restricted to just a card for each swap... for example, you can do a card this month and gift tags next month, etc... be creative and use your talents! Many of you do not limit yourself to cards, there are some that do awesome jewelry, altered items and so on, so this is the swap to make something special and surprise someone... can't get creative? no problem, you are free to sub in a RAK too!

2. I kindly ask that you please send out your swaps before month's end. Please take into consideration snail mail timing. If you cannot mail your swap before the end of the month, you are given until the 5th day of the following month to do so. This will allow some time for your Secret Sister to receive it. If nothing has been received within 10 days past the end of the month, i will not include you in future sign ups. Please friends, let's play fair.

PREVIOUS PLAYERS, i have your info so all you have to do is comment that you will be participating on this post... here's a list of those who have signed up for their spots:

Kim, Karen, Amy, Leanne, Gail, Sheila, Theresa, Jayne and Mary

Please let me know ASAP if you are unable to participate for any reason. No questions asked, just please let me know. Thanks!!

**To clear up any confusion: your participation is monthly (unless otherwise stated by you) by confirming your participation through email or comment on the sign up posts. if i do not hear from you by the sign up deadline, it is assumed you will not be participating for the month. if it is easier for you to sign up a month ahead or for a few months, etc. let me know too.

NEW PLAYERS, please email me at krisnal5868 at hotmail dot com to sign up for February with the subject SSS or Secret Sister Swap and the following info: Name, Address, Blog URL (if you have one) and Best Email to contact you... i will send you a confirmation email that i have received your info...

**Please note that swap info is sent out by the 2nd day of the swap month. If you miss the sign up deadline, it doesn't hurt to shoot me an email and ask if you can still play. There may be a chance i'm still sorting through the players and can add you in...

Again, NO THEME for March... get creative, get out of your comfort zones and try something new to surprise your Secret Sister!! We all LOVE surprises!!! Have fun!! =)

Monday, February 13, 2012

made... WITH LOVE!

O-M-Goodness!!! can you believe?!?! i'm POSTING!!! LOL... yes, this past weekend crafting was not a choice of wanting to but HAVING to... hehehe!

Happy Monday and Happy Valentine's Day Eve... hahahaha! how many of you truly think Valentine's day is OVERrated?! now be honest! LOL.... guess being married i don't need the whole lovey dovey dinner for 2 and a movie... instead, i rather have a nice family dinner with the kiddies included and some yummy dessert! and maybe a disney movie... now that is a way to celebrate... but don't let my choices fool you... i'm still and probably will always be a hopeless romantic!! yes, i love love songs and love stories and fairytales... hehehe! what are you doing with your SWEETHEART this Valentine's?

New challenge over at Lollipop Crafts! last week you saw our Valentine's cards... this week we want you to kick up a notch and create anything BUT a card... the challenge... #67 - WITH LOVE! create anything such as 3D items, scrap pages, alterables, etc... and then head on over to the LC blog and link up with InLinkz... =)

We are sponsored this week by Karber Stamps! Karber's offer an array of CUTE images available both in digital format and rubber! Stay tuned for our sponsor spotlight this Thursday on the LC blog... more info on this SWEET company and prize info...

ready for my TREAT?!?
CANDY STICKS!!! they are all the rage around Hawaii.... so i finally did some... i bought the candy stick bags last year and haven't used them until now... these sweet treats are filled with plain M&Ms and topped with a cutesy and easy topper using the scalloped heart and happy 'heart' day sentiment from Dandelion Designs Fuzzy Bear 1 set.... LOVE the set... it's so cute and can be used for any occasion... i then tied a pencil to the candy stick... hope the 3rd graders enjoy this simple treat made WITH LOVE!!

after making these for about 23 students, i realized that next school year, i'll be doubling all my treats that need to be made as DD2 starts Kindergarten!! eek! i think i have to start like NOW to be finished with Halloween... LOL... that's ok, i have about 2 years that i'll have to do the doubles and then a 2 year break with only one in elementary, and then i'll be doubling again... yah, i think once the kids are pass elementary and into intermediate i won't have to do too much... HA! i can hope right?!?

well, it's been such a long time that it does feel really good to post again... come back sometime this week to see what else i've been creating in prep for Valentine's day and DD1's classmates and hula sisters! THANK YOU so very much for sticking with me through my off and on postings... i'm hoping i get more time to craft in between everything else soon... i do miss everyone and wish i could set aside more time to visit and share... cross fingers i get my groove back real soon! until then... see yah, WITH LOVE....