Monday, March 29, 2010

Some Bunny Loves You!

Happy of Happiest Mondays!! phew, the weekend flew right past me and i only got about half the things i wanted to get done... that was actually a lot for me seeing how i'm so used to my old ways in doing my all nighters to get almost everything done! haven't had one of those in a loooong time... but right now, my body just can't do it... so, a lot of my Easter projects won't be done in time is what i'm predicting... ugh, i don't like that feeling at all... but on a brighter note, i hope you all had a FABULOUS weekend!! it's a short week this week with Friday being a holiday... i'm super excited about that...

and on a plus note, i finished some treats for DD#1's classmates and hula sisters... and i've got one to show you...
i made these sweet little bunnies out of washcloths for her classmates at school... my original intention was to place a filled Easter egg in the holder part, but then i realized i had pencils to give them too... so i found these carrot shaped Easter bags that i stuffed with a pencil and some sweet treats... bunny and a carrot?! thought it went together perfectly... the only other problem i had was how was i going to put these 2 together.... well, i just slid the carrot into the holder... i was afraid that these 5-7 years olds would poke eachother with the tip of the carrot, so i bagged these goodies in another treat bag for easy giving and handling (sorry didn't take a pix of the final project)... in the words of my 2 year old, "Bunny go hop hop!" LOL... and yes, these bunnies will be hopping into the hands of their new owners on Thursday... phew, one to cross off my list...

in simple projects, i also wrapped up some treats for hula sisters... since it's such a small class, i took advantage and went out the easy way.... bought some solid hollow milk chocolate bunnies and just wrapped them in some Easter baggies... with a tag, these goodies are ready to be passed out... i'll share a pix of it as soon as i get the chance... another one i crossed off my list...

it was a busy weekend, trying to gather all the things we need to fill Easter baskets and goodie bags... but a productive one indeed... i'm just crossing my fingers that i can get the rest ready and out in time too.... i think i can i think i can!! LOL... alrighty, time for me to get ready for another week! so i'll see you all later!! Have a GREAT day!!


  1. well you have been a busy little bee and i'm so sorry for not getting here sooner! i love the washcloth rabbit and your talent just astounds me! you need a bubble bath, champagne and chocolate! relax!

    hugs :)

  2. hahaha...we must be sisters cause we think alike! my post title is the same as yours! WOW! such cute bunnies and carrots you created! you are such a good mommy! have a good week!

  3. The kids will surely love their treats!

  4. Hi Kris. WOW, I love the little bunnie. I wish you would put together a tutorial on it some thime. I would love to see how you make that cutie. Boy I hope your girls and all of their class mate realize just how awesome you a great week, Hugs Lisa

  5. Hi Kris,
    These are so cute! I'm sure the kids will be so happy. Hope you and baby are doing good!

  6. These are so cute. Krislen is so lucky to have such a talented and creative mommy. The kids are doing to love the treats.


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