Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Case of my mssing camera! LOL

Is it Tuesday already?! OMGosh how time is flying by.... well i did find my camera... as predicted, under mounds of junk mail in my basket... now who would hide it there??? LOL, ah, atleast i found it... that's the main thing....

well i hope you all had a wonderful weekend... i must say, mine wasn't the best... after a few stressful days at work last week, i was looking forward to the weekend only to tell myself, i rather be at work right now... yah, that bad... but i did receive some happy mail which turned my gray skies blue.... and i so want to share it with you... =D

i was super lucky to win one of Michelle's blog candies that she's offering this month... and this is all the sweetness that i got... new stamps, some stickers and chipboards... plus a gift certificate to Tamiko's... (please excuse my messy desk in the background, it was late so i didn't take the pix outside)... Thank you so much Michelle for having me as one of your winners!!! very grateful for all of this...

1LuvnMama sent over this cute bunch of BRAKs for my birthday!! look at how cute that card is... and above, with the Swiss Pixie, is the holder that carried all of these goodies... Mama, i had to case your holder... and when you see it, i hope i do you proud! hehe! Thank you so much GF for the wonderful BRAK!!! i love it!!!

and here's another BRAK from my darling friend Lisa G.... she sent over this cute card with Cheeky Shooter on it... perfect combo with her DP and flowers.... also sent a template kit for cards and tags... oh, can't wait to play with those... and some sweetness for the DDs too!!! but i think Mommy will have to borrow their stamps... =D do you think they'll let me?! LOL!

Thank you girls for the surprises of gifts and for thinking of me and my birthday!!! i'm overjoyed with such awesome friends!!!

that's all i have for you today... be back with some DT cards tomorrow, so be sure to come and check out the challenges... i wish you all the best of today!!! have a blessed crafting day!!!


  1. So glad you found your camera!!

    Sweet goodies you got, have fun with them :)

  2. They are lovely, Kris :) I'm glad you found your camera!
    My weekend was bad too :( hopefully this weekend will be a better one for us xx

  3. Congrats on finding your camera! Iknow you need it for all of your challenges that you do!I tend to forget my memory stick since I use two laptops.
    My gosh, you are sooo busy it's very impressive! Love all your inspiring designs!

    Hope this week is better than last!

  4. Such great braks! I bet you are loving all that blue! Isn't it horrible when you either can't find your camera or it doesn't work. We are totally slaves to them, lol!


  5. Oh lucky lucky you!! You so deserve to be spoiled petal! Enjoy your wee BRAKs!! Only one day till the 1st challenge xxx

  6. Congrats on winning the blog candy! So nice BRAKs :)

  7. Congrats on all your braks and also on finding your camera. Don't you just hate it when you can't find something that you know is somewhere in the house? LOL!

  8. well you won't have to hit michaels, joannes OR hobby lobby for at least 6 weeks!!! way to go. i thought you went to the beach????? or has it been that long since i've been here? hey! i'm old!

  9. OMGosh! Maybe you shouldn't have found your camera, that way you could go out to buy another one! :)

    So deserving of all your goodies Kris! You have such a HUGE heart! Take care gf and let's roll with the upcoming challenge!

  10. CONGRATS on winning that candy...love all your BRAKS too! you are so deserving of it all =) such a sweet sister you are! glad you got your camera back! have a good day!

  11. So glad you found your camera, Kris!
    Aww..girl! These are awesome!


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