Thursday, March 25, 2010

Curiosity and a BRAK!

Hello All!!! for most of you in Hawaii, tomorrow is a state holiday, which means today is your Friday!!! woohooo!!! unfortunately, i won't have the day off.... but it's okay, because that means work will be quiet and slow... or i can hope right?! hehehe!

so i had some questions on my project yesterday... what is a book/holder???? well, for those of you that were waiting for my answer, i'm showing you what it looks like inside today......

going back to what 1LuvnMama created for my bday, i got the inspiration from her... Thanks sweetie!! so here's a pix of what the front looks like....

and here's the mystery... when you open the "cover", this is what the inside looks like.... fabulous right?! a pouch to hold some yummies... on my project, i did a double pouch... so it's a little bigger than this one with a pouch on both sides....

here's a tiny pix of the sideview when it's closed.... hope this helps you envision the similarities of my creation.... and thanks for your curiosity!!!!

received some BRAKs in the mail the last 2 days... and this one is from my sweet GF Joni H.... Thank you Joni for the birthday goodies!!! i LOVE the pretty card and new supplies to play with!!! Thank you for always thinking of me!!!

i had another one to share with you, but it will have to wait.... it's funny that this week, a lot of my friends are having issues with their cameras.... i guess i started the fad after misplacing mine... LOL... and then the turn came back to me again.... while taking some pictures last night, my battery died.... boohooo! so i couldn't snap some shots of the other BRAK!!! i have a fairly old camera that still uses batteries, and hello, couldn't find any in the house last night.... so i'll be paying a trip to the store to get some either today or tomorrow... and then, i spied the DH online yesterday looking for another camera... is Santa going to grant my wish this year?!?!?! ooh! i hope so... LOL... so i'll be a little later sharing the BRAK with you... well, thanks friends for sharing a moment with me today... i hope you all have a BEAUTIFUL day!!!


  1. Awesome project sister! TFS Very nice BRAK from Joni :)

  2. love that folder and will have to try one out for myself...don't know exactly when...but will have to do that soon! so pretty! any your BRAK! it is so much fun to receive happy mail yah?! have a good day!

  3. Kris I think I like your version better! :) I luv the idea of 2 pockets inside . . . oh man, now I gotta figure out the measurements and create another one! Have a great day girlfriend!

  4. I LOVE my brak! You are so sweet to think of me! It is sooooo adorable! Love the double pocket version that you made me! Just love it! Thank Kris for always thinking of me!


  5. Love the bookholder! Thanks for showing it in greater detail...tutorial?

  6. What wonderful BRAKS! Thanks for sharing them.


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