Monday, March 1, 2010

Birthday Blog CANDY!!!

{This blog candy is now CLOSED... Thank you to all of you who participated... Winner will be announced tomorrow morning, March 15th, chosen by! Good Luck to all and be sure to check back tomorrow!! Aloha!!}

Happy Monday! Happy March 1st!! Happy Spring!!! Happy Birthday!!!! Happy EVERYTHING!!!!! yes, yes, it's just one of those HAPPY days!!! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend... Mine was full of surprises... after a state wide tsunami warning (that did not come as hard as anticipated) on Saturday, and then a day of gray skies and lots of rain yesterday, there's just no telling of what Mother Nature will bring to us next... but hey, it's March.... and i LOVE March!! not only is it my birthday month, but it's also the first month into spring... and boy have we been waiting for SPRING!!! weather has been cold here... nothing compared to the main states, but for us, it's COLD!!! brrrrr....

as mentioned, today marks the first day to start my BIRTHDAY BLOG CANDY!!! nothing extremely fancy, but just a little THANK YOU for being apart of my ever growing life.... so here it is....
here is a list of goodies in this birthday package....
~Hello Kitty sizzix embosslit
~Hello Kitty sizzlit butterflies
~Hello Kitty sizzlit with purse
~2 StudioG clear stamps
~1 pack of clear dew drops
~1 pack of blue dew drops
~3 bottles of StudioG glitter glue (purple, pink and blue)
~3 rolls of American Crafts ribbon
~asst. prima flowers
~some fruit flavored hard candy (for some extra sweetness)

what do you have to do to enter????
1. Leave a comment on this post answering the following question: What is your FAVORITE cake to have in celebration of your birthday??? mine, a Queen Emma... mmmm, 3 layers of guava, lilikoi and haupia covered with a whipped frosting... yum yum!! this cake is huge!

2. You have until Sunday, March 14th, 10 pm Hawaii Standard Time to enter... WINNER will be chosen by and announced the morning of Monday, March 15th

3. Please DO NOT post about this blog candy on your blogs.... this is merely for those who visit, with the exception that you DO NOT have to be a follower... **only become a follower if you want to...

Simple enough right?! believe me when i say i've had a lack of sugary sweetness lately, and i can't wait to read about your favorite birthday treats!! Hope you'll come and play along.... Yay for birthdays!!! BIG HUGS!!!


  1. Hi Kris,
    March is such a fantastic Month! It is my birthday in March too (I have candy on my blog) and so much has happened in March for me, I love it!
    Hmm, my favourite cake? Well, I do like Chocolate :) But then I really like the white cakes with cream and jam. I think i'll go with chocolate. I think that's what i'll ask for my birthday too. A HUGE chocolate cake!

    Thanks for the chance and being so kind :D!
    Have a fantastic birthday!!!

    Cheryl xxx

  2. Hi Kris!
    Happy early birthday to you! I love March too since it it is the beginning of Spring. I think the weather in CA is much more fun in the Spring.
    Thanks for offering some blog candy in honor of your b-day. Well, my favorite cake is a Mango Moose cake. The cake is filled with the moose in each of the layers as well as the top of the cake with little bits of mango in it. The bits of mango are my favorite. For some reason the pieces of mange taste extra yummy with the moose. The top of the cake is usually decorated with different tropical fruits that are put together beautifully. Wirting about the cake is making want a piece, but I guess I will wait unitl next month when it is my b-day. :)

  3. So you says your Birthday! (think of this as in song) Happy Birthday my friend. Jerry's is March 31st.... I am the most boring person when it comes to cake as my all time favorite cake is Wedding cake(white). Told you I was boring. However for my Birthday I love ice cream cake...Never get it, but Oh I love ice cream cake! Oh, and I have to say I make the BEST pineapple upside down cake. My Dad taught me when I was young and I love it...Hugs to you my friend, I am happy that your family is safe. Lisa

  4. Hi Kris!! So glad eveyrthing was ok this weekend and you're safe and sound. I love March too. I woke to the sound of birds this morning and I so badly wanted to open my window and just lay and listen!! It's coming!!

    So, it's your birthday month, huh? Well a happy birthday to you! Your fav cake sounds SO interesting!! I don't really have a favourite so I'll go with 2 of my favourite things TOGETHER and that would be a frosty chocolate peanut butter pie!! Who doesn't like chocolate and PB together, right?

  5. WOW, what generous blog candy!! My favorite cake would be a triple CHOCOLATE one!! LOL
    Have a great week.

  6. Happy early birthday Kris! Thanks for offering this awesome blog candy with us. My favorite cake is a red velvet cake somehow I just got hook on it especially with ice cream on top. Have a great day and take it easy.

  7. Hye, Kris! Aww... you ar so generous to offer candy and it's your birthday, girl! Happy early Birthday! I LOVE Hello Kitty! Hmmm.. I don't have a sizzix machine though. :(
    I am not much of a cake person but I lately I LOVE TRIPLE CHOCOLOATE cake! Yummy!!
    Have a great one, Kris!

  8. Hey Kris! so glad you are feeling HAPPY and cheerful! I know that this is your birthday month and I hope that this will be a great one for you =) you are offering such wonderful blog candy! what a way to celebrate your special day! hope you are having a great Monday! I don't really have a favorite cake as I don't eat too much. but I guess anything coconut and chocolate! hehe!

  9. Hey, hey, hey Kris!
    Yay, it's gonna be your birthday! You are one special person that has touched many! Too generous to offer these up . . . I know that your upcoming birthday will be a wonderful one! Let's see, that is such an easy question to answer . . . I LUV RED VELVET CAKE! I can eat it all day long! I hope all is well and I'm always thinking about you gf!

  10. Happy Birthday Kris! That is some awesome blog candy you're giving away. Thanks for the chance to win. My favorite cake would be the Rainbow Cake! Have a great week!

  11. Happy Birthday Kris! I love Hello Kitty. Thanks for a chance to win some blog candy!

    I love Linda's chocolate fudge cake at Cheesecake Factory (probably anything at CF is good for me!), and second best I love strawberry shortcake.

    I will have to try Queen Emma cake, sound y-u-m-m-y with lilikoi, guava and can you go wrong with those fillings? You have to email me and tell me where to get some the next time I visit Oahu (in Dec.)!
    Hugs from San Francisco, gail

  12. Hey Kris,

    Great candy! Love it! Ok, my favorite cake is Baskin Robbins Chocolate Chip Ice cream cake! Oooohhh I love my ice cream cake! Wohoo for March, my favorite month too!


  13. I'm glad you are all fine in Hawaii and it's good to see you around again! :)
    Fun birthday candy... I would say that my favorite cake is German Chocolate Cake, love the coconut, pecan, carmelly filling and topping...yummm! Though your Queen Emma Cake has me intriqued...those fillings sound delicious! Take care and have a great week!

  14. Hi Kris,
    Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday! No need to enter me into your blog candy.. just wanted to with you well.


  15. Hi Kris
    Great blog candy!!! My DD LOVES Hello Kitty! i could do so much with these =)
    thanks for the chance to win!!
    Hope you have a wonderful Birthday!! Hawaii is one of our favorite places to vacation, i envy you living there =D

    My favorite birthday cake would be the Black Forest Cake... mmmmmm with the cherries on top and chocolate shavings! i'll have to try the Queen Emma cake you are talking about when we visit Hawaii again!


  16. birthdays are fun and even more fun if you're celebrating the whole month!! good idea! hope your month is extra special!! my fav cake is anything CHOCOLATE!! yum!! no need enter me in your blog candy ;)

  17. Happy early Birthday wishes to you, Kris! You are so generous to offer blog candy for YOUR birthday! How nice to celebrate all month long. Hmmmm, I don't have any special cake, but like the others, anything with chocolate I favorite pie is peanut butter chocolate from Anna Millers...but it's a pie!!! I just wanted to send you BD wishes but you don't need to add my name to the draw. Hugs, Cami

  18. Thank you for this chance at this AWESOME BLOG CANDY!:]} My favorite Birthday cake would have to be double chocolate rocky road ice cream cake with oreo sprinkles and a tall glass of milk!
    Thank you:}

  19. Happy Early Birthday sis! My fav birthday cake: chocolate little cupcakes! Thanks for the chance :)

  20. Hello!!!
    Favorite birthday cake: Vanilla with cream cheese frosting.
    Thank you! :o)

  21. Hi Kris,

    Wow, what a generous bunch of goodies! I think my favorite store bought cake is dobash...but my mom makes cakes at home and I really love hers! Thank you for the chance to win!


  22. Happy early Birthday Kris!! All of those cakes made me hungry. I love Chantilly. Hope you and the baby are doing good. Hope you have a great weekend and happy birthday. Hugs, Enjoli

  23. My favorite is a dark rich chocolate with frosting of the same. Can you tell that I like chocolate? I have a great recipe I found on the internet but there is one in the March issue of Martha Stewart that I'm going to give a try.

    Thanks for joining with our Greeting Farm team. I'm working on an email to send out to all the members!


  24. I forgot to say Happy Birthday, please forgive me!!! And remember not to include this post in the draw!

  25. Hi Kris! What a way to celebrate your birthday =) My favorite is Red Velvet Cupcakes! They are just soo yummy! I hope you'll have a FABULOUS birthday month! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRIS!!


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