Saturday, December 12, 2009

More Christmas RAKs...

Hey, Hey!!! Good Morning and Happy Saturday! been MIA yesterday prepping for some creations... but i wanted to share some GREAT Christmas RAKs i received this week before i head to bed... yup, you read it right... BED!! i am well aware that it is 4am hawaii time and i've already gotten scoldings from my aunty... but hey, it's the only peaceful time i have to really work on my crafts... despite how tired i am, i still force myself... hopefully i can catch a few more Zs up at the farm later... =D we have a Christmas party tonight and i don't want to be down and out... so i guess let's get going...

this beautiful card was made by the Alter Queen... Amy.... isn't this gorgeous?!?! OMGosh i fell in love with this card when i saw it on her blog and i have to say it is so beautiful IRL!! i LOVE snowflakes... wow! isn't that border just awesome?! Thank you Amy for a WONDERFUL Christmas card!!! it is displayed on my Christmas tree for all to see... Hugs to you girl for thinking about me!!!

and here's a FABULOUS card and candy from Shirley... don't you just LOVE her embellies... OMGoodness and that sentiment is super sweet... LOVE her DP and great coloring! Wow! isn't this just darling and sweet?! Thank you Shirley for the Christmas goodies... i'm going to enjoy these... =D this card is another one that you will find on my tree... proudly displayed... hugs GF for thinking of me!!!
if you haven't visited Amy and Shirley's blogs, you must! the work that these ladies showcase are OUTSTANDING! you will not be disappointed... i assure you!! Thank you again to the both of you! for being awesome supporters! i really appreciate your words of encouragement and confidence and especially for your friendships! =D

and i leave you with this... my 2 angels at the DH's Christmas party this past Wednesday... i love going to the hotels during Christmas as they have some beautiful Christmas trees...
hope to be back later with a challenge card... i'm so sad to say i have not reached my goal and had to extend my timeline... the days are flying by so quickly that i totally forgot school gets out for winter break this coming week and now i'm rushing to put together some treats for DD#1's classmates... i'm almost done with it but you'll just have to wait to see it... Lots of things in the works, nothing completed... Mr. Sandman is calling me... my head is spinning... i htink it's time to call LIGHTS OUT!!!


  1. Amy's card is gorgeous--I love her blog, she is awesome! Your DDs are so cute, they are both so adorable. TFS that beautiful pic. Sleep tight....

  2. Both of these cards are soooo beautiful! Lucky girl!!!


  3. Kris~ TFS! You are an amazing women! I can't believe the stuff you kreate girl . . . just amazing!! And yes, Amy and Shirley are very talented and creative as well! have a great weekend!

  4. Hey Kris, you so deserve those raks! Love them both, and thanks for sharing the beautiful picture of your darling girls. Have a nice weekend.

  5. Sister, I hope you're sleeping now, and not reading this! You're one crazy chickie - that's why we get along so well! Hahaha! You received some beautiful RAKs from some very talented ladies! That's awesome! And how cute are the girls? Have a great weekend GF, have fun at the farm and the party! TTYL, xoxo, Linda

  6. Kris-
    great Raks that you received beautiful...TFS..your princess' are too cute...moemoe to you...

  7. both ladies' cards are magnificant! I love their color choices and coloring!
    your daughters are so cute!!
    don't know how you can function on so little sleep! me, I need 8 hours daily!!
    have a great weekend!

  8. oh my goodness those angels are gorgeous! two of the cutest ones i've ever seen!


  9. You are crazy girl!! Get some sleep!!
    Great RAK's and your girls are so cute!

  10. Hello my friend. Wow, you are going to have a great time with your goodies... :D Don't you just love getting everyone's cards? Jerry is getting me a cork board to put mine up on by my dest, so I can be surround by all the wonderful friends that I have made this last few months. Yours of corse will be up there for me to see. I love the pic of your babies..SO cute. Your littlest daughter is wearing a dress just like one I have from when I was 4 and my grandparents lived in Florida. Mine in red & white, and I have such wonderful memories from that time..Miles of smiles to you. Have a great weekend. Lisa


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