Thursday, December 24, 2009

December OCS, RAK & Presents

Merry Christmas Eve one and all!!! we are only hours away from the big day!! can you believe it?!?! Wow!!

This post has lots of pictres and sharing for you all... but first thing is first... THANK YOU to all my dear friends who have kept my grandma and i in your prayers and thoughts... i'm deeply grateful for your support and kind words... you have helped me keep in the Christmas spirit regardless of her status and it truly means a lot to me... i have been down and out the last few days, and it's a very diffucult time to not have her home with us for the holidays... but i do THANK YOU and i do THANK the Lord, for giving us another day with her... i LOVE you all for helping me get through!!! Thank you, Thank you!!

on to this post... Teri hosts these awesome monthly one card swaps... and through this i have met some wonderful and talented gals... if you haven't participated and would like to, keep an eye out from Teri's post on the monthly swaps... it's lots of fun!!!

my December OCS partner was Lorna... and she has beautiful creations on her blog... if you have a few minutes, please show her some love...
here's the card she sent me.... we both are blue lovers, so it was great for her to create this for me.... isn't this sooooo pretty... i'm not so sure how she did this, but it feels embossed and it's very gorgeous with all the sparkles... the design is very beautiful and i love the mixture of color... Thank you Lorna, for a beautiful Christmas card...
here's the card i've made for her... based on the very 1st TGF 12 days of sketches sketch... again, Lolli Anya is giving up some sweet Christmas wishes... done in blues with lots of glitter... hehe, you know i had to add snowflakes... =D
my darling sister Linda, sent me yet another Christmas RAK.... with a few more things i LOVE... COPICS... ahhhhh! LOL, she snuck in a few other things like glitter and dew drops in my FAVE color... and look at the gorgeous Vivi card... perfect image with the perfect gift... =D i just love the snowflakes on the card base.... Thank you Linda, for all the goodies... me loves it all! =D
ha! what you all were waiting to see... oh wait, that was my diamonds... LOL... here is DD#1's Christmas gift from Santa... {excuse the blury and not so well taken pictures...} her hawaiian name is on this bracelet.... Ka'ulawena... meaning the rosy glow of dawn... the letters are raised versus the traditional black enamel you see on most...
here's a picture of around the bracelet... DANNI, you'll LOVE this one.... it has butterflies all around... with flowers in between... DD#1 chose this pattern... an all around creation chosen by her... so sorry the pictures aren't better and that darn glare is on it...
and here you go ladies.... my perfect Christmas gift.... my DIAMONDS..... diamonds are a girls 2nd best friend.... LOL... no, it's not my first... gems rank higher than diamonds for me... because you all are a gem of a friend in my life... =D hubby said said not to wear these with my wedding ring because these diamonds are bigger... so in response, i said "then i guess you have to buy me a bigger diamond for me to wear on my finger!" LOL.... i think i'm pushing it a little too much... =D my mom called me SPOILED... and so i told her, "i'm not spoiled, i'm just well taken cared of!" hehehe!
Thank you for spending a looooong visit with me today... in all the ups and downs of life, i still have the Christmas spirit in me and would like to share the magic with all of you.... i believe things happen for a reason and it's only to better ourselves... so again, THANK YOU, for all your LOVE and SUPPORT... your comments put a joyous smile on my face and i really take all of it to heart...
in case i don't come back later here's a little something to end tis post with....
MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all my dear, loving friends! May the season bring you lots of wishes to brighten another day... Let us be thankful for the blessings of family and friends... When you open your gifts, let us be grateful, for someone in this world may not have a gift to open... and wish someone you may not know, a Merry Christmas, for your kindness will put a smile on that person's face... i LOVE you all, have a safe, loving, magical Christmas!!!


  1. Oh Kris~
    You'll definitely be in my prayers! Stay close to the Lord! He'll take care of everything!

    The OCS card is great! Yours too! The CRAK for Linda . . . amazing! She always cracks me up yet supah sweet!

    If I'm luvn the bracelet, DD with luv it too . . . and what do I say about those diamonds? GORGEOUS! You deserve all the best Kris! Have a great Christmas with your family!

  2. fabulous cards and absolutely beautiful jewelry! wow! that bracelet is stunning and diamonds.... well diamonds need no comment - LOL.

    glad grandma is doing better and will continue with the prayers.

    merry, merry christmas!

  3. wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas! can't believe you have time for posting and I'm sneaking in right now to get a post to you! love your Christmas gift! those diamonds sure are pur-etty! enjoy them!

  4. Glad to hear grandma is doing a little better--hopefully she'll be better still tomorrow and you all can have a very Merry Christmas!!!

    Love those OCS cards, your Rak and oh boy, those Christmas gifts for DD and yours--you two must have really been good this year!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, Kris! And take care of grandma and yourself!

  5. Hey Sister ~ wishing your grandma a speedy recovery and good health! I'll continue to pray for her, as you prayed for my Dad.

    Now, about those fine gifts of jewelry ... OH. MY. GOODNESS. Woohoo! Throw your hands in the air and wave um like you just don't care! DD1 is such a lucky girl, just like you! Can't wait to see you in those earrings!

    Take care my friend, and keep in touch. Love you, Linda

  6. Wonderful raks and love the earrings! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!



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