Saturday, December 26, 2009

What a day!

Christmas day has come and gone... and i'm sure it was fabulous for all of you! our Christmas turned out great, spent with family and close friends... and the girls had a joy opening all of their presents... now what am i going to do with all those toys?!?! the living room is filled with toys and still a few presents under the tree... tonight is round 2 of celebrating Christmas, with the in-laws... so more presents for the girls to open...

Despite the turn of events that i tried to overcome before Christmas, i managed to enjoy it all around... especially seeing those huge smiles on my DDs faces... Santa brought DD#1 all that she asked for... her brand new sparkling bracelet and a ukulele... and although DD#2 doesn't yet understand the concept of Santa and asking him for a present, she was quite happy that Santa brought her a mega blocks wagon and a Tinker Bell quad (power wheels)... hahaha! and the cutest thing DD#1 said when she opend her bracelet, "Mommy, Santa went to Kay's!" LOL...

I don't have any crafting projects for you today... i have a few finished for the 12 days of sketches at TGF, but i'll show case that later... with all the shifts of running between home and the hospital, we didn't carry out our traditional decorating the gingerbread house the night before Christmas, so we did it last night... and here is what the girls created...
mmmmm, it's so yummy!
the DH and I, the morning of Christmas day... prepping ourselves before the girls actually dug in to retrieve their surprises.... (yes, i have those diamonds on!) eew, what a ugly picture... this is what i look like after being up at 2:30am and this picture was taken at 8:30am.... LOL... sorry for the blindness... hehehe
can you believe these girls woke up at 5am to see what Santa brought them... OMGoodness.... the excitement...
my family to yours... we hope you all had a magical Christmas...
now i know i haven't been around blurfing your blogs, i'm trying to catch up slowly... as well with my crafting... i've mainly done some clean up with some coloring, but not much finished pieces... there are some challenges that i've been wanting to play... i just hope i have some time today to catch up on it...
Thank you all for the Christmas wishes, the family blessings and for being apart of my crazy life... another quick status update on Grandma.... she has been downgraded to a regular room as of yesterday and doing quite well... that news was the greatest gift for Christmas... hoping to bring her home before the new year so we can start the year off right... together with family... Thank you to those that have showered us with gifts, the girls were excited to receive their treats... and another HUGE Thank you to ALL of you for gracing me with the biggest gift of all... your LOVE and FRIENDSHIP... =D Have a beautiful day and i'll be back soon!


  1. kris-
    BLessings to you and your family....that is what the meaning of christmas is Ohana...take care LIann

  2. you look great after getting little sleep! you should see what i look like . . . YIKES! ;P

    still keeping you and grandma in my prayers! good to see you managed to enjoy the traditions of Christmas with hubby and those adorable girls! have a good one kris!

  3. Without good health, we find everything else to be just "material things", don't we. How wonderful that grandma is doing so much better--that surely was the greatest gift!!! TFS your beautiful Christmas pictures. It's so nice to see such a happy and loving family. Take care of grandma and yourself, Kris! How great it would be for her to come home and really have a Happy New Year!

  4. oh i so love when i get to see pictures of my blogging friends and girlfriend, you all are gorgeous! what an absolutely beautiful family! now THAT made my day.

    still in my thoughts and prayers and i thank you for yours. hope 2010 is everything you dream.


  5. You look great to me with so little sleep, Kris! Thanks so much for sharing these pics. I am glad your grandma is doing better! Hopefully, she gets to go home very soon!

  6. Hi my friend, I am happy to hear your Grandma is doing better. That is truely the best gift...I just love your Christmas pics. They are just adorable, and thosed diamonds so belong on a great 2nd round with the in-laws. Talk to you later, Lisa

  7. So good to hear that your Grandma is doing better, prayers that she'll be home soon!
    Love your pics and you look amazing, I can't believe you hadn't slept hardly at all! I love your DD#1's hang loose in the one picture!
    Have a great week end Kris! :)

  8. Hey Sis,
    Thanks so much for the Christmas gifts! Jamee & I LOVE it all. Have a safe & very Happy New Year! Hope you'll make the "get together" & the "sleep over" LOL
    Hugs & Love~

  9. Glad to hear that your grandma is doing better. Will continue to keep your family in our prayers. Take care!


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