Thursday, December 24, 2009

For Grandma...

For Grandma...

The Angel lays among her bed, her eyes gently closed.

and we stare at her, this angel we love the most.

she whispers very softly, we barely hear her speak.

strong in heart and mind, yet her body is fragile and weak.

"hush, my dear angel, no need for sound.

for everyone is rejoicing you all around."

Lay still my dear love, we stand by your side.

no matter how much we hurt, no matter how much we've cried.

we pray for your blessings, you will get through this path.

it's only an obstacle that we will strive to attack.

be strong for us now, we need you here.

God will watch over you and keep you near.

it's not time for you to go, so fight with all your strength.

we're hoping this is one challenge, our love can help prevent.

"Now hush, my darling Angel, lay still and get some rest.

this will all be over soon, we will help you pass the test."

she opens her eyes and extends her hand, it touches the deepest depth of my heart.

she smiles sweetly, divine and grand, i know it is not time for us to be apart.
Don't worry sweet Angel, you'll soon be home.
We'll wait for you, we will never leave you alone.
**Although we cannot be together, in the comfort of our own home, know that we carry you in spirit and deep in our hearts and we'll be with you real soon! Get better soon Grandma, we await for you here. There's more for you to look forward to, and we need you by our side. With all my heart and love, Merry Christmas Grandma! We miss and love you!!**

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  1. oh Kris~
    hang in there . . . my thoughts and prayers go out to you, your family, and Grandma. i know it's a difficult time for you all but know that the Lord is right there in the midst of everything that's going on. take comfort in is love!


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