Monday, December 21, 2009

A little alteration...

It was a beautiful weekend spent with family!! and a much needed one too... there was absolutely no crafting on Saturday and Sunday, which i think the DH was a little relieved by it...

OMGosh, i have to share this story with you... Saturday we went to the mall because DD#1 was meeting her halau there for pictures with Santa... so while there, i managed to sneak away to the store to pick up DH's Christmas gift... i asked the lady to wrap it extra good because the DH likes to open his presents and then re-wrap it... LOL... i'm serious, i saw him do it once... so i come walking out from the store with the bag in hand and DD#1 says to me, "Mommy, is that Kay's bag for me?" LOL... i started laughing and told her, what in the world do you want from Kay's? her reply, "my bracelet!" she has her eye on this Hawaiian bracelet for Christmas and she chose the design and everything... but what she dosen't know is Mommy and Daddy already got it for her a few weeks ago... i'll have to take a picture to show you before i wrap it... anyway back to my story... so i told her, we didn't get you your bracelet and that she should ask Santa... so she ran over to Santa and said "Santa, i would like a Kay's bag for Christmas!" everyone thought it was so cute that we all giggled... funny how Santa was stationed right outside the Kay's store... so what was in the bag i had that day... DH loves his money clips, and i saw one that i thought he would love... and guess what??? he opened it! =D so in exchange, he let me open mine... and i almost dropped dead when i opened it! inside a tiny black box held the most beautiful diamond stud earrings! OMG!!! i've had my eyes set on this one but never had the courage to pick up a pair... and now, i have one!!! =D yes, i was a bad girl and opened my present before Christmas... but wow! now i can wear it for Christmas!!
Oops! i kinda rambled on that story.... sorry!! now onto my creation... i actually finished this project on Thursday... excuse the blob of pink... i had to edit the name because i know this sweet gal didn't get it yet... anyway... I used Lolli Anya from TGF for this one, as the recipient is just so sweet and i'm glad she's a friend of mine... i wanted to post this so she could see how to put it together... i took a clear CD case and popped out the inside... it makes a shallow container to hold scraps of paper for notes or whatever will fit inside... then i took off the cover and flipped it around to make it an easel.... just like the picture above... i actually wanted to make this into a calendar but could not find my calendar template... so i added some post-its on it instead... not much creating room on this so i added a few butterflies and bling and personalized it... the best part is, it's interchangeable and if she wants, she can make her own and slip this out and slip her's in.. i wish i thought of this earlier, it would have been a nice gift to give all... and i really hope she likes it... =D

okay my friends... i finished cleaning the craft room at 3 this morning and now it's ready for me to craft away again.... but not until i finish some errands... Have a wonderful day and thank you for stopping by to share in with my little story and creation!! I LOVE that you can take some time to visit... =D


  1. I'm sure your GF will love your Lolli Anya gift--you come up with such creative ideas! TFS yur story--lucky you, the perfect gift from DH! Beautiful diamonds for a gem of a girl who brightens everyone's life! Merry Christmas, Kris!

  2. What a sweet story! How wonderful!!
    Such a cute it!!

  3. That is AWESOME KRis!!! I got my diamond earrings two years ago for our anniversary and one of the backs is missing so I can't wear them at the moment but they are an AMAZING gift-I didn't even want to wear mine for the longest time, LOL-I just kept opening the box and staring! HOW FUN! Your card is adorable, btw! Love lolli ;)

  4. Oh Kris! You have such an awesome husband and family! This is one Christmas story to tell for years to come. Great project idea, too!

    Enjoy the Holidays and those diamonds!

  5. it's a fabulous card, but do you really think we want to see that AFTER you tell us you got diamonds?????? are you nuts????? LOL. we want to see the diamonds!!!! wow! what a great present. and you can even take them in your ears!!!!


  6. I luv this idea of the interchangable CD/Easel thing-a-ma-gig. Is there a proper name for this piece?

    Wow . . . you have to model those BLiNgS for us to see! I don't think I'll be seeing studs in my lifetime! Gotta go back to work first. :)

    Anyway, I got your awesome package today! :) You really didn't have to . . . I'm just so appreciative of your passion and talent! You constantly share and give of yourself and manage to take care of home life as well! Have a great Christmas Kris!!! Enjoy all the blessings poured onto you!

  7. Kris! I just picked up my mail and OMGoodness!!! I can't believe I'm the lucky GF to receive this beautiful gift! You've created something quite wonderful--it is going to sit on my desk so I can look at it daily. This in itself was alot but on top of that you sent the beautiful holder and a lot of goodies, too! Thank you so much for this wonderful RAK but mostly for your beautiful friendship. You have surely brightened my life!!! (((Hugs))), Shirley

  8. hey girl! love the story...and how cute that is! my daughter thinks "every kiss begins with Kay" hahaha! she hasn't asked me for anything there yet...knock on wood! love your creation with that CD holder! girl...when do you find the time! I am always scrambling around to get things done! ugh! have a great week!

  9. Such a hilarious story about your hubby! Too funny! Your earrings sound awesome! Thank you so much for our goodies! We just got them today and we love them! I have to take a pic, but Amara already tore open her package, lol. I managed to save the topper. Kids, lol! Thank you so much for thinking of us and have a wonderful Christmas!

  10. Awww, that's such a cute story! I've never been in a Kay's jewelry store. Lucky you with your new diamonds. Your CD holder is really cute too. Have a Merry Christmas!!!

  11. Awww, what a cute Christmas story with your daughter and how sweet is the ending when you get diamond earrings... and early too! LOL
    Sounds like your Christmas is already off to a great start! :)
    This CD easel is ingenious Kris, I am so going to try my hand at one when I need to make a cool giftie card! It's beautiful!

  12. That is a really cute idea! I'm sure the recipient will love it. Thanks also for my christmas goodies. I got it in the mail yesterday! You are so thoughtful! And lucky you to get diamond studs. You were a very good girl this year, huh? Merry Christmas!


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