Monday, December 7, 2009


Good Morning and a happy Monday to you all!!! been a little MIA yesterday as we celebrated DD#2's 2nd birthday... in all preparation for the day, my weekend was busy by summons of household chores and last minute running around... and i've barely made it into the craft room Saturday and Sunday... well, i had a little craft time yesterday... but i've managed to finish only 2 cards... i'm really STUMPED... probably from exhaustion with all the craziness going on... Thank goodness i've taken today off... after taking the girls for shots and well visits, i'm hoping to squeeze in some rest and craft time... hahaha! my day doesn't always go as planned...

well, it's almost 3am my time and i think i'll be going off into dreamland after this... but i just had to share what i'll be dreaming of... LOL! ;)
I received such a "HOT" RAK last week from 1LuvnMama... as a thank you and just because gift, she sent me this HUNK!!! literally... can someone say sexy?!?! hehehe!
this is what it looks like inside... OMGosh! a perfect treat holder... totally LOVE this idea....
my BIG HUNK!!!! (yes, i'm inserting a HUGE smile) Wow! everything was just perfect... great design with the perfect sentiment... and then the perfect treat inside! which i may now add that it is 3/4 gone... =D
here's the whole care package that she sent to me... it included her winning card from my Mystery Monday Challenge.... how SWEET is that?! as a thank you for choosing her creation, she sent it to me! the card is even more gorgeous IRL! she also slipped in a note pad.... hmm, i think i have to use this to paste reminder notes to buy more Big Hunk! LOL... Thank you 1LuvnMama for this hunky RAK... that is just so sweet of you!!!
if you haven't seen her blog yet, i suggest you get hoppin'... she has some fabulous creations that will have you in Awe!!
okie dokie... it is welllllll past bed time... hubby will be waking up in 2 1/2 hours to get ready for work... it feels really weird that i don't have to wake up at that time too... oh my this will throw off my whole week! hahaha! or maybe not... i'll post a creation when i'm awake enough to function... so until then, i'm wishing you a fabulous new week! Aloha!


  1. now THAT'S totally hunky! how fun!


  2. Krissie girl...LOL
    Lovin that cute rak! Have a great week, talk to you soon.
    Hugs to you & your family.

  3. hehe....cute little fellow! Nice RAK!

  4. That is a very nice RAK! You're such a busy girl I don't know how you do it all. Make sure you get your rest and not burn out before the holidays!

  5. How kind and thoughtful and BEAUTIFUL too.
    Nicola -x-

  6. This surely is a very sweet and thoughtful gift from her!! Very cute too!
    Jodi =)

  7. such a cute card with the perfect candy! this is a HOT RAK! hahaha! 1luvnmama makes some very cute stuff! love all her cards! I met her through my blog and she was so sweet to send a card for the girls who's mommy passed away. such pretty work! well have a great week! hope you got enough sleep! wish I could do what you did...stay up and then pass out later =) have a good week!

  8. glad you enjoyed the HUNK! :D thought that might put a smile on your face! that was to feed the fire that burns inside of you . . . the fire to CRAFT!!!! i total enjoy your kreations :)


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