Friday, December 18, 2009

Hairpiece and Christmas RAK

Phew!! i can't tell you how good it really feels now that the weekend is here... it's been another loooong week and i'm just excited that's it's a 3 day weekend for me.... Yay for weekends... LOL... have a lot on my plate this weekend... most important thing is DD#1's special hula day tomorrow at the mall... i was told to have her dressed in her practice clothes with a flower in her hair... any kind of flower, real or fake... they will be having a contest on who's hairpiece is the nicest or something like that... we don't know all the details until we arrive there tomorrow but from what i heard, they'll be singing Christmas carols to Santa.... how sweet! anyway, me being so last minute, i finally finished it tonight... =D
picked up a bush of poinsiettas and some branches with flocked snow, all fake from the local craft store... bought a decent size barrette from Wally world and made this...
with my handy dandy glue gun i stuck everything on the barrette...
to showcase what it looks likes in your hair i played guinea pig and put it in my hair... so yes, that's me, i just didn't take a pix of my face... LOL.... i'll try and get a better pix of it in DD's hair tomorrow....

and i just have to show you what i got in the mail yesterday....
i've been meaning to make one for myself to hold my favorite recipes.... but i guess if you really wish on it, your wish will come true... a big THANK YOU to 1LuvnMama for sending me this beautiful recipe box... ain't it just pretty?!?!? she does amazing work.... her creations have a lot of heart... if you have a moment, go and check her blog... lemme know if your jaw drops at her door...
here it is with the top off... wow girl!! you put a lot of work into this... it's beautiful!
here's a few of the tab dividers... look how she matched it to the label.... CUTENESS!!! Thank you so much girl!!! this was well needed... i've already added some of my fave recipes (mainly desserts because it's sweet like that).... =D another great Christmas gift!!!!!
As we count down the last days to Christmas, sometimes we are so caught up in the whole season, that we don't take a moment for ourselves.... i'm taking a moment now, to reflect what made this Christmas even merrier this year.... i've grown quite a bit, emotionally and mentally... and i have been one to doubt myself often... but getting back into crafting and meeting all you wonderful people, i can now say i'm beyond that point in life.... in the beginning of this journey, i never had thought i'd be a name you all recognize or even a person that would inspire you.... where i am at now, back then, it was never foreseen i'd make it this far... i'm ever so grateful to all my friends/supporters/fans for giving me a chance to show my style, my creations... i am over the top for the 2 teams i now design for, for believing in me and giving me a chance... 5 months ago, i could have only dreamed of this... i am proud of my accomplishments... but i could have not done any of this without all of you.... so, THANK YOU ALL for making this Christmas EXTRA SPECIAL... i am so blessed to have amazing friendships in each and every one of you.... to my biggest supporters... DH and DD1 and DD2... i LOVE you with all my heart, and i THANK YOU for the huge support through this new found happiness in life... {tear}


  1. what an absolutely gorgeous barrett! i remember when i wore things like that. only never as gorgeous! and such a fun recipe box.
    the blogging world of crafters is like one of GOD's places in cyperland where people are true, kind, friendly and blessed. none of this crap that goes on in the real world. we who follow you are just as blessed to have you in our lives - at least i am.

    hugs, my dear sweet friend.

  2. Wow love the head piece you made for your DD she will look so U'I. Your RAK you got is awesome...TFS...and have a Mele Kalikimaka and a Hau'oli Makahiki Hou 2010....

  3. Hey Sister! I absolutely love this post - not only for your beautiful hairpiece you made, and the great RAK you received from "Mama" (I got one too!), but for the special message at the end. I feel the same way. Who knew that Blogland would have opened our eyes and hearts to so many wonderful experiences! I am blessed to have you in my life! Take care and have a bless Christmas with your family and friends, and here's hoping we'll get together in 2010!!! Love you!

  4. The hairpiece is lovely, can't wait to see a pic of your daughter wearing it!
    Very cool recipe holder, very useful and too pretty!
    Enjoy your three days off Kris! :)

  5. Wow what a beautiful hairpiece!!! This is gorgeous and I LOVE that recipe holder-what a great idea, Kris!!!

  6. I can't wait to see pics of DD with that pretty hairpiece! I can see you're a great mom, Kris. And 1LuvnMama's recipe box is awesome--doesn't she do the most beautiful work?

    You know, Kris, you are such a loving and giving person, it has been a pleasure meeting you and visiting you through your blog. I went back to the beginning of your blog a few weeks ago and have seen how you've grown in your work. I so enjoy seeing all your wonderful creations and more so reading what you write. It is always heartwarming and I always leave your blog feeling good. Thank you and Happy Holidays!

  7. That hairpiece is gorgeous!!

  8. Kris~
    Again . . . thanks for constantly inspiring not only myself but those that "follow" your blog! You're such a superwoman; what a privelege to have met you through blogging. Enjoy your holiday season with those you luv most . . . your family! :)

  9. I just love happy mail!!! That Recipe box is ADORABLE!

  10. Kris, You did an awesome job on the hair piece. She is soo going to look beautiful with it. You sound like me about pics of myself...By the way I like your family Christmas Picture that you put up..Very sweet all of you. Jerry does not like his pic taken either, so we really don't have any family pics. Not since Mitchell and Madison were 3& keep up with the everyday pics though. Have an awesome Sunday girl..Can't wait to see your picts from Santa songs...Hugs, Lisa


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