Sunday, December 20, 2009


Is it Sunday already?!?! wow hoe the weekend flew by... well, hello friends!! i hope you all enjoyed or are still enjoying your last weekend before Christmas... We finished up the last of our Christmas shopping... wrapped majority of the presents last night... the kids were excited to wake up this morning and discover that there is mounds of presents under and around the tree... i am so happy and relieved that all the packages that need to go out yesterday was completed as of 5am saturday morning... LOL, yes, it was another ALL nighter friday... but it needed to be done so i had to do it...

Nothing crafty to show today since i took a break yesterday... no crafting at all yesterday.... just a joyous day with the family shopping, visiting Santa, playing on the farm and just being together... it was lovely...

today consists of cleaning up the craft room before i can even think about creating again... i'm less than 1/2 done... LOL... needed to take a little break... we're having dinner with my Dad tonight, so i probably won't end up crafting until late... which is okay since i'll be off tomorrow...

well, as i said on friday's post, i was going to take a pix of DD#1 with her hairpiece on... so here it is....
sassy lil' Miss Hula girl! it was fun to see what everyone else created for their hairpieces... some kept it simple just by placing a single plumeria in their hair, others had cut real poinsiettas to put in theirs and some used lots of greenery... DD#1 came in 2nd place for their little contest of who had the prettiest hairpiece... of course Mommy was super excited to have heard that...

off to get back to cleaning folks... hopefully i'll be back laaaaater with a crafty project!!! Enjoy this beautiful Sunday... and count your blessings daily.... =D


  1. DD#1 looks so pretty in her hairpiece, congrats on the 2nd place!
    You are just amazing Kris, hope you have a relaxing week and a wonderful Christmas!

  2. Awww, DD looks so cute with her pretty hairpiece--she's adorable! Congrats on her placing 2d! Your weekend sounded fabulous--gotta enjoy every moment with the kids, time flys so fast and you can't get it back. Happy Holidays!

  3. Hey GF ~ how cute is DD#1? She looks so "sassy" with her beautiful hairpiece and her arms crossed in front of her! You should make a digi stamp out of this picture! Anyway, just wanted to drop and line and say congrats on your win! You are such a talented lady Sister! Enjoy Christmas with your family and I'll chat with you later! Take care Sweetie! xoxo, Linda

  4. That hairpiece should've took 1st! :) DD#1 looks amazing with it on . . . thanks for sharing this pic with us! Have a restful rest of the week . . . you deserve it!

  5. Hi Kris, Congrats on 2nd place. I think your DD#1 looks so cute and sassy with it. Just wonderful work girl. You should be very proud. Have a great day and don't work to hard. Hugs, Lisa


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