Thursday, December 3, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Alia!!!!

Hello there friends! Thanks for stopping by today... as many of you know, DD#2, Alia, is celebrating her 2nd birthday today... Hooray!!! Happy Birthday my lil' monkey! Mommy LOVES you!!!
so in celebration of her BIG day, i just wanted to share some picture with you of her very special day...
We'll start off with her fun and cute birthday cake... had to hurry and snap pictures before she demolishes it... it's a 4 inch personal cake, Dora of course... it's from Safeway and they actually have all kinds of designs... my favorite is the Belle one... =D
here's her little birthday card i've made for her... yes, mommy made an easel card (i just love making them...) she chose the copic colors herself and this is what i came up with...
she's sharing her card with you....
Present time!!! yipppeee... she ripped one piece off and looked inside and gave me this big smile...
slowly unwrapping her gift...
wow Alia, what is it?!?!?
it's Dora Puppy playset... i just LOVE this picture... my 2 girls.... mommy LOVES you both with all my heart!!!
okay, just a little short and sweet sharing with you all tonight... it's time for some CAKE!!! Please come and visit me tomorrow... i have some Happy Mail to share with you!!! =D
and hey, THANK YOU all so very much for wishing Alia a Happy Birthday!!! she is sure enjoying all the attention today! Thank you, with all my LOVE...


  1. Happy 2nd Birthday Alia! What a sweet girl you have (both of them!)

  2. Don't you just love seeing your child smile because they are so happy? Your two girls are so precious Kris! Thanks for sharing these pictures of Alia's special day. Take care and big hugs to you!

  3. precious! Thanks for sharing, Kris!They are adorable!

  4. {HUGS} 2 the birthday girl!!! Wow, doesn't time just fly by? Soon your 2 precious daughters will be walking down the aisle! Argh . . . I can't even imagine that! Enjoy your precious babies! :)

  5. super cute bday card! what size did you make yours? the image is perfect!
    your girls are so adorable! I like Dora too! Sometimes I think that I like watching the show more than my daughter!
    Happy Birthday, Alia!

  6. Awwww, Happy Birthday Alia! She is so stinkin' cute! Hope she had a wonderful birthday!


  7. i hope you saved me some cake!!!!!!! lol.

    omword! what gorgeous girls!! and i just love the picturs! thanks so much for sharing! now i wish i brought a gift - lol!


  8. Hi Kris, Happy 2nd Birthday Alia! She is such a cutie. I love the cake you made...She sure had a blast....SO cute! Have a great Friday, Lisa G

  9. Hey Kris, give Alia a Happy Birthday hug from Aunty Denise. Thanks for the call.

  10. Happy 2nd Birthday Alia! Have a great time. So nice pictures TFS :)

  11. Happy Birthday Alia! Love the Dora cake... at first I thought that you made it. You could've said you did and everyone would have believed you since you're so crafty!

  12. Happy Birthday Alia. I didn't realize Safeway makes those cakes and Dora is my granddaughter's favorite - should check it out for her second birthday.

  13. A beautiful card Kris and a happy birthday to your daughter

  14. How PRECIOUS! What an adorable bunch of pics of the super happy and proud little bday girl! your Lolli card is so sweet! Thanks for sharing, Kris!

  15. Happy 2nd Birthday Alia! Very cute cake, and sweet pics of your girls!! Love that card you made for her too!! Today is my puppy's 1st Birthday and will be celebrating that later tonight! =)
    Have a great day!
    Jodi =)

  16. Hau'oli La Hanau to Alia what a pretty name for a pretty your card you made for her...Love the Dora cake darling...TFS and enjoy all of that ono cake...

  17. Ah! How cute is this!!! She's just adorable. :D And go you for making that cake! I'm always a little intimidated by them. Your card is fantastic. I need to get making another one for my little man for tomorrows party. :D

  18. Cute pics, your girls are adorable Kris! Birthdays are so fun, love the card you made her!

  19. Awww, so totally cute!! Happy Birthday to Alia!!

  20. How did I miss this! Happy Birthday, Alia! She's such a cutie! You could see she liked the card mommy made for her. TFS!

  21. Wow Kris hunny what a beautiful cake - i bet Alia loved it! Mills just saw the photos on your bog and said i want her to b my best friend! I tried to explain that we live in different countries lol but she just cried lol!

    The card is beautiful another fabulus piece of art from you!

    love tasha xx


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