Monday, September 7, 2009

Surpirse RAKs

Happy Monday fellow bloggers! Hope everyone is enjoying the extra day off... Yesterday, I was able to meet 2 awesome and super sweet blogging sisters... Joy and Michelle from Oahu... They came to Maui for a soccer tournament... Also meeting along with them was Joy's darling daughter Taelyn and their friends and fellow team members Yumi and Mark... and those girls surprised me with some AWESOME RAKs... Thank you Joy and Michelle with all my heart... So we got to have lunch at our nearby mall and walked around to some of the stores... See gals, didn't i tell you our craft store was kinda sad... LOL... not much for the scrapbooker / cardmaker... okay on to the pictures... the first item on the left is a little backpack made by Joy... it's so cute! i think little Alia liked it too... she said "mommy, mine"? hey Joy, did you save my favorite color from your blog giveaways?!? the bag was Blue! my fave color... and the second item was a see-through tin can made by Michelle... isn't the image cute?!?

Here's what was inside Joy's darling gift... lots and lots of images... i couldn't fit them all in the pix so i spread out a few... but there was lots! some bling it rhinestones, paper flowers and dew drops (that i've been waiting to order)... THANKS GIRL! everything is so awesome...

This cutie gift is from Michelle... she was kind to give me some more dew drops, a spool of ribbon, some Prima flowers, cute halloween sticker and this really cool toad/pumpkin stamp (sorry small glare)... perfect for Halloween... Loved it all!

Aren't they just the sweetest?!? they didn't have to do that, yet they did! Thank you so very much again!!!! and i'm so glad Alia got out of her shy mood... she kept trying to follow Michelle around in the fabric store.. =D thanks gals and i hope we get to meet again!


  1. So nice RAK's from so nice ladies :)

  2. Hey Kris! It was sooooo nice meeting you and hanging out. Your daughter is so adorable and she made me miss my little one so much! Thank you for showing us around your mall, it was really fun. Wish we could have spent more time. I am totally vegging out today, lol. Let me know if you ever need anything from here and I can totally ship it over to you. My email is


  3. They are 2 super awesome people! And, very creative too! Love the RAK that they made/gave you!

  4. So glad you got to meet the "dynamic duo"! They are both so super nice and giving! I can't wait to see what you create with all those goodies! Have a great week!

  5. Great goodies, aren't those two ladies so nice. They are always sharing raks & just so sweet!!

  6. So glad you got to meet them both! They are such sweeties!! So nice and sweet for them to give you those RAKs!!
    Jodi =)

  7. You received very cool RAK from Michelle and Joy. What a lucky girl. :) I am glad that all of you had a good time meeting each other for the first time.


  8. hey was so much fun being able to hook up with you in Maui! it made it a little more of a trip to be able to do other things besides play soccer! I am so glad you enjoyed your RAKs...if you ever need anything, please don't hesitate to ask. love your daughter! she is just like her shirt.."princess in training" lol! I'm trying to recoop from the whole tournament! my toes are bruised and body is sore...but I will survive! hopefully we'll be doing this every we can meet up again! thanks for the fun!


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