Thursday, September 10, 2009

Halloween is coming! LOL

Happy Thursday everyone!!! one more day until the weekend! anywho, i must admit that i was not prepared to start on my Halloween goodies, but after seeing the wonderful creations by Cheryl and Teri, i just had to kick myself to start... so i did! Yay! this is just a sample of an idea i had... but to my disappointment, i don't have much Halloween stuff... oh well, that just means another trip to the craft store.. LOL... i have a funny feeling that my order of acetate paper won't come in on time so i had to come up with another option just in case... take a look!

i've been meaning to use my box shaker die from sizzix, and finally took it out of the plastic... like i said, i don't have much (i thought i did) so for now i had to make way with what i could find... i cut out little scraps of orange cardstock and ran it through my bigshot using the pumpkin and candy texture plate... managed to find this cute trick or treat stamp in my pile of stamps... no black or orange ribbon could be found so i used gray... need to put those colors on my list...

here's the inside when you open the flap... this darling stamp is from Mari and Me... intentionally bought it to make tags, but this is my other option if the acetate doesn't come in... i stamped the images on 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 white squares, gave it a little color and taped it to the inside of the box before i assembled it... i think it's kinda cute this way so i may just stick to it... the inside top flap is blank right now... as it gets closer (and i find more stuff) i'll place a little tag to say that it's from Krislen... it looks so plain right now, so i'm hoping to find more things to add on... i'm trying to tell myself to keep it simple... 1st graders don't really care what the outside looks like, they just want the goodies =D this is a big step up from my normal buy pretty baggies and fill it to the top so i'm glad i decided to start early... hehehe... thanks to the wonderful blogging sisters who started on theirs, i have motiviation to start on mine... so, with this being just a trial and error, come back to see a revised edition (not too soon now, i have to go shopping first, LOL)... Happy Stamping!!!


  1. Kris, thanks you so much for our wonderful rak! My daughter was so excited and kept saying "wow"! It was such a wonderful surprise and you really are too sweet!

    Love this halloween treat box! So cute with the images stamped inside. Remember, if you ever need anything from here, lmk, and I can send it over to you. Thanks again!


  2. way to get a move on Halloween! I'm a procrastinator and I always wait and it's way too late! I better light the fire under you know where and get moving! lol! thanks for sending us some awesome RAKs! you really didn't have to! We were thrilled at what we received! you are too sweet! have a wonderful weekend! remember...if you need anything, let me know...I'll get it for you on the double! hehe!

  3. Hi Kris! This is such a cute box, I really like the image you use and match great. I need to get started too on all the halloween treats I'll be making for my son's classmates and my friends and family too. Hope your enjoy the rest of your weekend.


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