Wednesday, September 9, 2009

just 2...

Happy Wednesday! i just love a short week! don't you?! just a short and sweet post today... i must say, after doing the TGF - Inside counts challenge i'm just lovin' working on the insides of cards... so with that, i wanted to share with you a few that i recently finished...

I just LOVE butterflies... and that was an inspiration on making this card... i had a decent size scrap DP that had butterflies on it... so i cut out the ones that were fully whole... and spread them around... some are actually raised just a slight bit, using thin pop-ups... and the colors rock!

Don't you just love this color! My mom's favorite color is purple... and i have to admit... i do love me certain shades of purple too... i took a special trip to the craft store to get this DP... it's by doodlebug btw... i was amazed that i didn't really have any purple papers in my gigantic stack... well, i had a few, but none to my liking... and even worst, the craft store didn't carry much purple either... you would see the normally shades of pink and a few darker colors and maybe 2-3 purple... so i happened on this one and loved it! the flowers were cut using the HK daisies... popped up the layers... added little punched out flowers... rhinestones for the middle of the big flowers... 3D sparkles glue for the middle of the smaller flowers... and at the last minute i added little butterflies... =D Hope you like what you see!
Wishing everyone a great day today! Thanks for stopping by....


  1. Kris these are so cute! Love that paper with the butterflies on it! I love when people decorate the inside, it makes the card that much better!


  2. Such a pretty card, Love the butteflies and the how you did the inside of your card!!
    Jodi =)

  3. love those cards that are decorated on the inside! I need to do that...just haven't gotten around to doing it! I realize that too that I haven't found too many purple DPs! we should create some! lol! have a great short week! I know I am looking forward to it!

  4. Such a beautiful cards! Nice job :)

  5. these are great! you could even use the inside card as a photo frame! thanks for giving me the idea!

  6. Love the cards, and the way you finished the insides. I keep telling myself I will do that, and I do maybe 2 out of 10 cards!! Lazy....

  7. These are the most beautiful cards, the outside just seems to flow seamlessly into the inside! Gorgeous!


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