Friday, September 4, 2009

Just a funny thing...

sorry not a craft post but it has to do with crafting... one fine day as i was blog hopping, i came across a post from Lynn - Ben Franklin craft blog... as i was reading her blog i came down to a part of it that talked about ribbon... and she mentioned that you are not a REAL crafter if you don't know about ribbon (something to that sense, i can't really remember)... never really thought about that until tonight... i decided to start organizing my craft area again instead of crafting... and one of my messiest areas was all my ribbon... believe me i didn't know i had this much... it really looked like hurricane Felish hit this area... i thought it was really funny because i kept asking myself "am i a real crafter? does all of this count?" LOL... so i just had to share it with all of you... and i admit, i'm really bad when it comes to paper and ribbon... sometimes i buy it because it's soooo pretty, sometimes because it's on sale, sometimes just because... the pictures show the ribbons "somewhat" organized so it doesn't look that bad... but i did find a lot of pretty fall and christmas ribbons in one of the stashes... now i know where they are so i can pull them out easily when the time comes...

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!!!! long weekend!!! i'll post one of my takes on a challenge tomorrow... so came back and take a look... i need to get back into that room or the hubby will freak! oops! Hurricane Kris demolished everything in there... LOL


  1. Hi! This is Lynn (Lynn's Blog, Ben Franklin craft club website). Thanks for mentioning my blog. I was just roaming blogland, checking out my favorite sites and I read your post. I actually have your blog site listed in my favorites file and so if it is all right with you I'll put it on my blog site too.

  2. Oh my... you do have lots of ribbon. You should see my stash of ribbon. Many of them are not even unwraped yet.


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