Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Thanks for all the sweet comments on yesterday's post friends!! my mother's day was good because i was with my kiddies.... even though they drive me crazy, i LOVE them bunches!!! my little vacay on the other hand, in general, wasn't too good but i do have some highlights of my trip that really made the bad moments MUCH BETTER! so i have some sharings today on some wonderful RAKs i've received from some special people dear to me who turned my frowns upside down... lengthy post so beware....

for starters i got to meet up with the dolls, Linda and Joy for some shopping!! wish our time together could have been a little longer, but the weekend was crazy enough on timing for all of us! we had some laughs and actually stood in line and fought the crowd at Bath and Body!! it was the opening week and just filled with people waiting to get in... Wow, that was crazy! not to mention the store itself was crowded... some parts of the store people were packed like sardines.... oh and if you bump into people, even on accident, they give you the stink eye.... LOL... so thankful i had Tae helping me grab things i wanted... she was tiny enough to slip through people and snag some goodies... Thanks Tae! walked around a bit and caught up with each other, not something we can always do being on different islands... the time together was indeed wonderful and i already miss them... i think i have to plan another trip to visit soon!! so as always in local tradition we greet each other with omiyage (gifts) and this is what these FABULOUS girls surprised me with....
this one here is from Linda! look at that CUTE bag... in my FAVE color too!! it's so cute and i'm so sad it got a little smashed on the trip home.... but i still love it!! even that cute tag she made to attach to the bag... totally SWEET!!! i am aware that it says Happy Birthday, it is a belated birthday gift... who said you couldn't celebrate your birthday on another day?!? hehe!
look what was inside!! i can't wait to play with it... in the white envelope is tape for the dispenser and wrapped up in that little tupperware container is more tape... Thank you so much Linda for thinking of me! how you know i needed one?!? LOL... this will work great for me when i'm producing a lot of creations... Thank you again!!

this one is from Joy and Taelyn!! isn't it beautiful?!? i just love the flower (and might have to own this die)!! the box is pretty big and can be stuffed with all kinds of goodies... the sentiment is very beautiful too and touching....

and this was stuffed inside my box... YUMMIES!! THANK YOU Joy and Taelyn for thinking about me... i'm stashing the yummies for a sugar rush!!

getting together with these dolls was one major happy part of my trip... THANK YOU sistahs for a FABULOUS time... wish the other dolls were available to get together too, but it was mother's day weekend and everyone had different plans... next time sistahs!

i managed to hit a craft store (J's) to try and do some supply shopping, but time was limited again and i couldn't really browse like i normally do... so it was a quick look and just grab sort of shopping... and it was packed with customers so it was one sweep through the store instead of my normal walk around the store twice or more, LOL... here's some goodies i found and bought... oh and because it was coupon weekend at BF, i had to find some time to stop at a BF there... got to check out the Market City BF and make good use of my 40% off coupon... and these are the goodies i got there....

added another set of HK stamps to my collection, some ribbon, a pack of flowers that i missed out on getting at the store here, candy stick bags and my very 1st stamping bella stamp! hehe, i had an extra coupon so i asked the hubs to get me the HK stamps and i used my coupon on the stamping bella...

guess another good part of the trip was some shopping... that's always a plus right?! just very hard with time limits... kids got to find some goodies too, which is good since a lot that we found can't be bought at home... checked out Party City and started picking up decorations for my son's 1st birthday... there was another craft store i wanted to check out but didn't have time to do so... oh well, next time... and another major part of my trip was visiting with family... some i haven't seen in like 7 years... but there were also moments of stress and negativity that really mad me frown and feel sad on this trip... BUT, when i got home and checked my mail, i received something from a sweet and thoughtful friend that changed my mood for the remainder of the night! look...
Sweet, sweet Brenda sent this to me for Mother's Day!! she is always so thoughtful and giving and really brightned the rest of my night... isn't her punch art beautiful?!? check out her blog, she has a tutorial on how to make this bird of paradise! sentiment has some serious meaning too when you think about life in general....inside was a mini card she made and more YUMMIES for my sugar rush!! hehe! oh yah, i'm going to be full of sweetness with this and Joy's goddies... THANK YOU Brenda for the wonderful surprise gift, for making me smile after a bad day and for thinking of me!!!

wowza! are you still with me?!? LOL... sorry, i figure i share everything with you at once... hehe! i have a few more RAKs to share with you tomorrow, not as long as this one... so if you made it this far, thanks for stopping by today and sharing in some joy in my heart and come back and visit again soon!!


  1. Wow - what beautiful gifts from all the sistahs! You also bought some great goodies too! Main thing you had fun! Have a great day:)

  2. Hey Kris,
    Glad you got some shopping done on your mini vacay. You got some really nice RAKs too. How sweet. :-)

  3. Hi Kris, fabulous goodies and special RAKs! Glad to hear your vacay was an overall happy time spent with friends and family! Have a great day! ;)

  4. you really did some shopping when you were here! lovely RAKS too! guess linda wanted to make sure you had enough tape. i know you'll make good use of it!

  5. look like you had fun craft shopping! lucky...i didn't get a chance to go! and you got some really nice RAKs too! you deserve it!

  6. Hey girl - I miss you already too. Can you feel me hugging you? Take care of yourself and hopefully we'll meet up in the Doll House again very soon ... love you.

  7. so much fun...so little time! so glad we got a chance to get together. had fun while it lasted. glad to see you got to stop off at Js. I didn't get my chance in a while...lol! hope you have a wonderful week!

  8. Oh my gosh! They have HK stamps!!?? So cool!!
    Glad you had a great time with the girls, Kris! Wonderful RAKS!

  9. You've hit the jackpot! :) Way to go Kris! I still feel bad that I didn't get a chance to hang out. Oh, and shop you did! I better see some heavy duty crafting using these goodies. :) Hugs to you!


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