Sunday, May 29, 2011

Felt Flowers....

Happy Sunday Everyone!! i have to admit... with school getting out on a Thursday and a 3 day weekend, i have my days sorta mixed! hehe! oh well... main thing is it's enjoyable right?!

apologizing for the lack of posting... with summer officially starting as of Friday, i was catching up on some family time... Friday we went to watch Kung Fu Panda 2 with the DDs... so CUTE and the girls LOVED it! Mommy and Daddy did too... we ended the day with the girls doing a quick ride around the mall on this cute little train... something new that the mall will be having on Fridays... then yesterday we had another family day spent at the ocean center.... this time the lil' man got to join in... here's a pix of the kiddies before we started our adventure....

we had LOTS of fun there.... lil' man was interested in some of it... things that really caught his eyes... oh especially the huge deep water tank where all the sharks roam... he had a kick out of that... =D and of course my days ended with craft time... LOTS of it... boy am i trying to touch up everything... managed to finish this card too....
ATS challenge this week is FELT! i knew i had a stash of some felt things somewhere and glad that i found it... the 2 felt flowers with the rhinestone middles don't really match on this card, but that's pretty much all i could find... at first i thought the clouds were felt, but after touching it, it didn't really feel like felt... idk! LOL... anyway, i used CC Designs Gretel and Butterfly Fence as my image choices... used my MS flower border punch and even punched and cut the different colored flowers... whoa, so time consuming... hehe... i tried to use very subtle DP so that it wasn't too busy and the main focus would be my little flower garden scene... overall, even if the felt flowers didn't quite match, i'm happy with the results of this card! =D

that's it from me for now.... need to get some shut eye.... the morning (after some sleep) will be another busy day, house cleaning for summer... ugh, i think i feel a cold coming on.. haha! stay tuned for an exciting week here with LOTS of happening and sharings... and come back tomorrow for a new challenge at Lollipop Crafts with some important info.... ta-ta!!


  1. Your kiddies are so adorable - and lil man just wanna pinched that cheeks of him..
    Luv the card ~ cute, flowerly, great detailing.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  2. I'm so glad you're getting some family and me time girly. The kids look like they are enjoying their time at the Ocean center. :)
    Adorable card hon, I love the flowers and the scene you created. Great job on the details and I love ur coloring!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! hugs,

  3. Hey Kris - just enetered Wednesday's Challenge and saw your card - great job! Good luck!

    Warm hugs,

  4. Hi Kris! What a beautiful pic of your children, wow how your son has grown! Enjoy them all you can, they grow up too fast! Adorable card, love how she's enjoying a beautiful summer day! Have a great weekend!

  5. love the card! i'm glad to hear that you are enjoying your weekend with the family! family time is very important as we make memories that will last a lifetime!

  6. Glad you guys had a wonderful time, Kris! Thanks for sharing such lovely pic of your kiddies! It's so precious! They are growing up so fast!
    Super cute card.

  7. very pretty card! love the image and colors! looks like you had a great weekend with family! i saw kung fu panda 2 as well!

  8. What a cute card with so much detail too. My weekend was lots of fun with not much planned. I got to catch up on some crafting projects which was good. We did not watch Kung Fu Panda 2 yet. We were planning to but "K" did not want to go. Maybe next weekend. What a cute picture of your 3 little ones.

  9. Wow, luv your card Kris! Better yet, LUV seeing the kiddos together! Man oh man, "K" has grown up so fast! That's amazing to see him sitting with his big sistahs, smiling away! :) Ah, cherish these moments!


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