Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Boys' Day!!!

Happy 1st Boys' Day to my lil' guy!!! Mommy LOVES you SO much!
and another extended Happy Boys' Day to everyone who has a boy (or boy at heart) in their lives... whether it be a dad, grandpa, hubby, son, grandson, etc.... Hugs to you all!!

**I wanted to take a pix of the actual ad we put in the newspaper but i can't seem to get a good pix of it... Nonetheless, this pix is in the paper.... =D

Have a FAB thursday everyone and i think i can sneak in a post for tomorrow... another day of CELEBRATION!!!


  1. OMG your little guy is so cute. I can't believe that he is so big already. I hope that he has an extra special 1st boy's day even though he did not receive the pricey doll. :) Please give him a big hug from me.

  2. Awww, what a cutie pie. Happy Boys Day too. Hubby's buying dinner need to cook. YAY!!!!

  3. Oh me oh my! Keenan is such the cutie and he's grown so big! Wow! He's such a handsome guy and I know MOMMY luvs him to death! :) Great pics Kris!

  4. Aww, look at him ... so precious & cute! Happy Boy's Day Keenan!

  5. I love that Hawaii has the best holidays! Happy Boys Day Keenan! Thanks for sharing those cute pictures Kris! :)


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