Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The world is a rainbow....

Hey all!! Thank you SO SO much for all the get well wishes!! it means so much to me! =D i'm still a little under the weather with a stuffy nosy, but my head is clear and i've gotten as much rest as i was allowed.... wish it could have been a little more, but mommy duties await...

anywho, my blog was super busy last week with lots of sharing and i didn't get a chance to post my journal page for Week 12 of he-Art Journaling with The Greeting Farm.... Week 12 - Watercolor Wonder, the assignment was to create a page with watercolors or similar mediums or create a watery effect.... my choice was to use good old fashion watercolors... they kind you buy for the kiddes school supply list... hehehe!
and here is my page.... raise your hand if you remember this song!! i have the tune in my head but i can't remember all the words... haha! maybe my eldest will sing it to me... or you if you know the words... =D my image choice was Virgo, from Sweet November's Astrology Girls line created by my talented friend Amy Young... Virgo is my FAVE from that release, although she isn't my sign... i did color her up with the watercolors, which was a challenge because i used the dinky paint brush it came with i couldn't really detail the lines... but i love the end product anyway! everything except the clouds and words are painted using the watercolors... i applied the clouds using white acrylic paint for a deeper resemblance and the words were penned in with a calligraphy pen...

i actually used the first 2 lines of the song, i do remember a few more (i think) and added just a little blurb of how i feel about that song... WE are the colors the make up the rainbow and the world is that rainbow... makes sense right?!

okie dokes... short little stop in today... gonna try and rest up again... soup, orange juice, and water is all on my diet list... haha! Thank you plenty for all the well wishes again and i'll be back soon with more sharings... Ciao for now!!


  1. Please get some rest, Kris! You need to get all better for the Holidays! Thanks so much for the goodies, too! Did you make those cookies, they are yummy!

    Loved your rainbow page, I love rainbows, too.Figured out your lucky number yet? I already did mine on the text assignment so I guess I'll just repeat!

    Take care and HUGS!

  2. Your page is beautiful Kris, I love how you've used Virgo on here! Hope you are back to 100% soon, sounds like you know the drill...lots of liquids and plenty of rest! Take care sweetie!

  3. Oh girl! You need to rest up! I love hope you are 100% better real soon! TOFU!

    Gorgeous page, Kris! Yes, the world is a rainbow! Couldn't agree more!

  4. This is beautiful ~ so very inspiring! Hopefully you are on the mend. Take care. :)


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