Thursday, October 20, 2011

November SSS Sign-ups!

Hello, HELLO!!!! It's that time of the month again!! Sign-ups for November Secret Sister Swap begins today! A huge THANK YOU to everyone who has been participating and making this a fun swap! i hear numerous good things about the swap from the sisters who beam with glee when receiving their surprise! I truly hope you all are enjoying this!!

November is a month a giving THANKS although we should be doing that daily... and i surely GIVE THANKS to all the swap supporters, for without you, this swap would have never been a success! so for this month, let's go with a theme of THANKS! a simple sentiment will do or even written within your note to you SS... anyway you feel will reflect THANKS, go ahead and create it!!

quick blurb about the rules for this swap... please take note of some changes in red...

1. You can swap anything you think is appropriate. Such as cards, 3d projects, gift tags, altered items, etc. You are not restricted to just a card for each swap... for example, you can do a card this month and gift tags next month, etc... be creative and use your talents! Many of you do not limit yourself to cards, there are some that do awesome jewelry, altered items and so on, so this is the swap to make something special and surprise someone... can't get creative? no problem, you are free to sub in a RAK too!

2. I kindly ask that you please send out your swaps before month's end. Please take into consideration snail mail timing. If you cannot mail your swap before the end of the month, you are given until the 5th day of the following month to do so. This will allow some time for your Secret Sister to receive it. If nothing has been received within 10 days past the end of the month, i will not include you in future sign ups. Please friends, let's play fair.

This is a commitment i ask that you follow through with. sign ups will be open until October 29th...

I have been contacted before this post by some of my awesome swappers who have been participating every month... if your name is listed below, that means you have already informed me to sign you up for November and you do not have to comment or email unless status has changed. Thank you for your continued support!!

Karen, Kim, Shirl, Amy and Charleen

PREVIOUS PLAYERS, just leave a comment on this post (or email me) so i know you want to play along this month... NEW PLAYERS, please email me at krisnal5868athotmaildotcom with the subject "Secret Sister Swap" and the following info: FULL NAME, ADDRESS, BLOG URL (if you have one) and BEST EMAIL for contact. Sign-up, sign-up and let's have some FUN!!!

Also, December marks the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of Secret Sister Swap's debut which for the month of December i call Secret Santa Swap! I would like to make this one a special swap with a twist in honor of the ONE YEAR mark and would LOVE to hear your ideas on how you would like to proceed with December's swap... email me, comment here, share your ideas...

**Please note that swap info is sent out by the 2nd day of the swap month. If you miss the sign up deadline, it doesn't hurt to shoot me an email and ask if you can still play. There may be a chance i'm still sorting through the players and can add you in...


  1. eek..almost missed this when I was sick! sign me up!! :)

  2. Please count me for Nov. Thanks!

  3. Hi Kris! Please sign me up for Nov! I'll email you my new address!

  4. Hi Kris! Sign me up for Nov and Dec.!!
    Thanks ;D


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