Saturday, October 1, 2011

Make a child SMILE this Christmas!

As of 10/31, we have 201 cards turned in. (WOWZA - insert HAPPY dance) Card collection is now CLOSED. THANK YOU with ALL MY HEART to everyone that has participated!!! Please check back for a very special post....

Do you remember how happy you were to receive a gift on Christmas morning? Or that very first greeting card? Or even the excitement you felt when Santa left that special gift under the tree? I'm absolutely sure we all remember those happy moments... Especially knowing that Santa brought you a gift... Well, let's play Santa this year and here's a little bit of how YOU can do that...

My Aunty in California does a really sweet gesture each year with the members of Aktion Club... (Aktion club members are developmentally disabled but very high functioning...) she sews 100+ dolls for the club to pass out to the children at Holy Cross Hospital in Mission Hills, California (pix above)... once she's done sewing, the members of the Aktion Club helps her stuff them up... then they get it ready to be passed out at the hospital... isn't it such a wonderful joyous moment to see/put a smile on a childs face?!? i think so...

I'm asking for YOUR help in my good deed adventure, you can make it your good deed this year too... as my Aunty sews her goal of 150 dolls this year i want to match her goal with a goal of 150 cards to go along with these dolls... BUT, i can't accomplish this alone, SO i am asking you, my wonderful heart giving blogging sisters and friends, to help me match this goal and put an extra smile on a child's face this Christmas...

There are a few rules to go about with this request:

1. All cards must be a size of 4x4 (NO envelopes need to be sent with your cards)

2. NO glitter of any type (loose, on paper, stickles, etc) or loose embellies on the cards (this is a request from the hospital). *Paper is included in the "NO" because there is bits that fall or can be rubbed off. If adding embellies, PLEASE make sure they are secured to your card.

3. Try not to be so gender specific on your cards as we don't know how many boys or girls will be participating in this event.

4. You may use any stamps/images, sentiments, etc. Stick with the holiday theme vs. get well, etc. as we don't know the conditions of the patients.

5. Simple cards are OK, in fact they are encouraged. Use up your scraps. It doesn't matter how dressed up your cards are, the children will be overwhelmed with just receiving them.

6. Leave the inside blank but please sign/stamp your name on the back of the cards.

7. All cards must be sent to me BEFORE November 1st to ensure i can get it to my Aunt in time

Aunty will package the cards along with the dolls to make it a little present and take them to the hospital... Help us make another child smile this year...

Here are some samples i made to show you how simple you can make your cards.... my cards were made with scraps from last year and feature image designs from (L-R) Mari and Me and the last 3, Dandelion Designs... sentiments are mainly from Hero Arts... some feature embossing detail using folders by Cuttlebug...

i'm not asking for you to make 25, 50, etc... if you can just send me 1, you will make a difference. if this is something you would like to do, please email me and let me know and i will give you my address.... i already have one participant who has whipped up 16 cards!! (THANKS TO MY BFF for helping me!!) Will you help too??? If you want to help me spread the word on your blogs as well, please do so... the more cards we receive the better!!

Thank you in advance for your support!!!

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions about this... this is my first year participating with my Aunt and if highly successful, this maybe something i'd like to conitnue every year...


  1. What a blessing your auntie has been with making dolls every year to donate to the children in the Holy Cross Hospital. It's a great idea that you want to donate cards this year to include with the dolls. I would love to help donate some cards. I am not sure how many I will be able to make, but I will definitely work on some. :)

  2. I already emailed you so I'm willing to help out too..

  3. AWWW, what a sweet Aunty and a sweet Niece too for teaming up with her! I will help make cards and email you. Thank you for this opportunity!

  4. Your aunt is an angel making all these dolls for the children, and you're a wonderful niece to help her out with the cards. It touched my heart, and I want to help you by contributing some cards. Not sure how many I'll make since you know I'm a s-l-o-w worker LOL! But I'll have whatever I make and send them to you by end of October.

  5. Hi Kris, just found your blog post and would love to help. I live in the UK so if that not a problem maybe you could stop by my blog and let me know, it's a great idea, i'd love to be part of it.
    Jo x

  6. PS I would love to try and get some cards made up and sent to you. But I cannot find your contact info. here is mine chatterscene dot com at gmail dot com

  7. Oh Kris. Count me in. I love this idea and I will get on it first thing tomorrow morning. What a wonderful person your Auntie is, as are you. You both are just awesome to do something that is so meaningful to little children. Hugs, Lisa

  8. Aw Kris this is awesome!! I would like to participate too. Since I'm in Cali would it be better to just send them directly to her instead of sending to you to send to her? Let me know, you have my e-addy. You both and everyone participating are angels in disguise.


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