Friday, October 7, 2011

We are like flowers....

Hello there... Awww, thanks for the sweet comments yesterday! i hope to be back in my normal mood to craft soon... today i head out to get my wisdom pulled (ack, the pain) so i just know i'm gonna be so out of it to craft today... hope the dr. gives me some strong pain pills to atleast make me sane enough to craft a bit... =D but i'm guessing i can only have one or the other.... you all know me by now, pain and all, i'll find a way...

sharing my week 11 journal page with you... week 11 of he-Art Journaling with The Greeting Farm, the assignment was to BLOOM AND GROW... use the concept of growth... maybe i took this assignment in a different manner but i do enjoy my concept... take a look...
for my background i punched out some word bubbles with my Marvy Uchida (blue) punch... and cut off the little tail... did this with a few and then pasted it down onto my once white CS... then i rubbed my blue ink pad directly onto the CS swiping it back and forth to create my sky... pretty light outcome but i like the not-so-norm look of it... peeled off the word bubbles and that formed my clouds which i traced to enhance what it was with a darker blue ink pad and a q-tip... stash of green paper scraps that i tore up the edges and distressed made up my grassy area... used my flower pot spellbinder again this time using 2 to form a pocket.... by cutting a flower pot one size below this one made it easy to create a pull out that is then used as my journal card... but before that, i adhered a bunch of flowers and leaves to it... found a stash of K&Co cute critters that i knew i wanted to use and really thought that the different sizes could indicate growth since they are big and small... the "Bloom" is stickers from Studio G which is inexpensive as well... while going through my book of stamps, i came across this cutie Baby Bunny Daffodil from Sweet November Stamps (by Amy) and knew he would be perfect to add to the page... see he made some new friends already...
and here is the journal card pulled out from the pot... i focused on Bloom with so much reasons on why i chose this... in the end, i came up with the fact that we are like flowers... we bloom and shine in our own ways, in color or in black and white... with our own unique characteristics... and we bloom in our own seasons... we may look the same, belong to the same family but we are not identical... in life, it's really how you choose to bloom yourself... we all start off as a bud, shy, still finding our sun to help us unravel our petals... and as a result, we find the sun's path to unfold the beauty wrapped up inside... some do it through crafting, some through writing, some through pictures, but we ALL bloom in one way or antoher and that's what makes us unique... Love is the greatest nutrient to helps us grow and bloom... and friends are the extra love that helps us stay beautiful inside and out...

i dedicate this page to the endless friendships i've made.... for you ALL have helped me bloom a passion for crafting and helped to spread my petals... i may not be beautiful on the outside, but i sure did bloom beauty deep inside... the heart, in the center of the flower... Thanks for your endless encouragement and support friends... i have found the light to help me grow daily... =D Muah!!

i'm hoping the pain doesn't last long so i can craft and come back to share with you.... in the meantime, have a spectacular weekend and i'll be back soon!!


  1. Aww this is co cute - love your saying on the flower pot and all those cute images on your page....
    Yikes on the wisdom tooth! I'm sure you will be in la la land feeling no pain..... This is your hubby's turn to be Mr. Mom this whole weekend. (he,he)..

  2. Hi Kris! Adorable page and love the pull-out! Sweet sweet message...and you are beautiful outside as well as inside! ;D
    I agree with Shirl, let your hubby be Mr. Mom this weekend! Take care and get lots of rest! ;)

  3. Hi Kris! I think this is an adorable and admirable art journal. I like your concept and belief behind this bloom and grow...the sentiment on the pull out is lovely, as you are. Take care and get some rest after you get your wisdom tooth out!
    Hugs, Cami

  4. This is absolutely beautiful, Kris! You did such a wonderful job!

  5. Love your creation for your journal page. You are always such a great writer knowing how to word things in such a touching way. When I grow up I hope to be able to write and color like you. :) I hope and pray that you are not in too much pain today and that you will be back on your feet in no time at all. I just found out today that I have a cavity. I need to go back in a few weeks to get it fixed. I hope that it won't be too painful. Sooner or later I will need to get my wisdom teeth pulled too. Hang in there Sis!

  6. love your journal page! very creative with the flowers! have fun crafting...i want to craft already! :(

  7. Love your concept and page Kris and I think your journaling card is so cool! Awesome!
    I hope your weekend wasn't too bad after your dental visit and you are feeling great now! :)


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