Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lollipop! Lollipop!

Hellllo Thursday! why did you have to come by so fast?!? hehe... being busy, i'm surprised i haven't lost track of the days yet... time yes, but the days.... i still get an A+ on that... =D

Ben Franklin Crafts 60th Anniversary Celebration here on Maui at the Kahului Store is this Saturday from 10am - 2 pm... from the advertisements i've seen, it sounds like it's gonna be a FUN FUN FUN day!! so if you live on the island or are here for a visit, don't forget to stop by the store... rumor has it that an iPad2 is up for grabs?!? =D

i was asked again if i had time to help out and what did i say?!?! OF COURSE!!! (as if the staff doesn't see me enough, LOL)! so i'm sharing my make n' take that i'll be doing that day...
wanted to stick with the celebration theme AND have it easy for the kids (or kids at heart) to make n' take home... after fiddling with a few ideas i got some inspiration from the Lollipop Covers found here on the BFC website... i just changed it up a bit to fit the theme... if clicked on the link to take a look at the inspiration, you'll notice that instead of making the cover (bottom) my main focus, i added an image to the stick instead...

after making these samples, i made some mental notes that these favors would be great as table deco or to list seating arrangements and more... really, you can actually do a lot with this simple project... by changing the papers you could have a baby theme, wedding shower, basically anything... personalize it anyway you want... but for my make n' take, what you see, is what you're gonna make! =D

so if you're in town for the day, stop by the store, check out all the haps and come by my table and say Hi! i'll let you make one too!! hehehe!

Mahalo for visiting with me today... i'll be back tomorrow with the demo i'll be doing at the celebration as well! ta-ta!!


  1. Aww so cute those lollipop holder's! I got do favors for a 9 yr. old birthday party next month and I think this is just a perfect idea...Her party theme is Candyland...
    TFS! I will hop on over and check out that BF project site....

  2. Can't wait to see you person, Kris! I have you out in Center Court with Me and Lisa Adams, plus a few other crazy stuff!

    I remember that project, I had to make something fast last year, cute way you changed it up!

    I'm going to do a lollipop, too, in the afternoon but mine's a penguin. I did an Owl at Lihue earlier this month and it was popular but I wanted something new for Maui!

    Yes, this will be a very different event for the mall...I don't think many people pass out birthday cake!LOL!

    See You Saturday!

  3. Love your project Kris, great idea! Soooo cute!

  4. hey this is really cute and so versatile! i'm bookmarking this one for sure. have fun this weekend!! ur so busy when do you sleep?! hehehe.. hugs!!

  5. You are too clever Kris, this is such a wonderful project! I wish I could attend the Ben Franklin celebration and do the make 'n take with you! Love how you've got the image up on the stick, very cool!

  6. Wow Kris, you really take an idea and run with it! Love how you jazzed it up!

  7. Ah, Kris you never cease to amaze me. The upside-down lollipop decoration/favor is a super fast, super fantastic idea. Thanks for helping with the anniversary celebration...wish I could be there.

  8. Love the make and take you came up with. Everyone is going to have so much fun making them. Wish I can fly by. :)

  9. OMG! Can I snake this idea? See? You have tons up your sleeve! :) This is such a great, fast, fun project Kris!

  10. WOWIE, that is darn cute. I wish I was on Maui so I could go to your make 'n take.


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