Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A special birthday card....

Hello there.... well today is a very special day for 2 very special people in my life.... although not here in physical form, my Grandpa would be celebrating his 75th birthday today along with his sister, whom growing up was like a mother to me... No, they are not twins, just happened to be born on the same day in different years...

but anyway, paying our respects to Grandpa, we will be heading to the grave yard to clean his grave, put some flowers and a can of his favorite beer... i miss him a lot, and when holidays and birthdays come around, i miss him even more... i apologize if i get teary eyed and shed a few... but to understand it better, my Grandpa and Grandma were the ones that raised me, so i'm very very close to them... i was only in intermediate school when Grandpa was sent home with the angels and it was a very devasting time in my life... it was the one time i was very mad at the world and couldn't understand why! Aunty had a part in raising me too, when Grandpa and Grandma was at work i'd be with her... til this day, i share a very wonderful relationship with her...

since my aunty is still here with us and plays a very important part in my children's lives as well, i created a special card to help her celebrate her birthday from the kids (and me and the hubs)...
Dandelion Designs stamps are adorable and the most PERFECT for this celebration... i used the images from both the Friends and Sweet Wishes sets... of course on this card these images represent my 3 kiddies and ummmm, our dog i guess, except he's not brown but black... hehe! the sentiment on top is from Stampettes and the sentiment on the bottom is from Stampendous.... Aunty loves the color yellow so i incorporated it into this card as much as possible... the background is yuzen paper that i had a stash of and i used oval nesties for the images, with again, the out of the box technique.... i'm hoping Aunty will like this card...

Happy Birthday Grandpa and Aunty!!!

well then, that's it for today... i wish you all well and thank you tremendously for coming here are supporting my creations and leaving your wonderful comments... be back soon with more sharings... toodles!!


  1. Hey Kris~
    At least you can still treasure all those wonderful memories of granpa and no one can ever take that away from you...
    And Happy Birthday Aunty, she is going to really luv this card you made for her... It is very pretty, so bright and cheerful and will bring a smile from cheek to cheek when she receives it from all of you....
    Have a super Wednesday!

  2. So cute- I'm sure Grandpa will enjoy his favorite beer and your company today!

  3. Aww, so sweet Kris! I'm sure grandpa is looking down and smiling and your aunty will love this card!

  4. I am always very sad when I go visit my grandparents graves since they played a big role in raising me. As I reflect on the wonderful memories of them it makes me sad that they are no longer here with us, but it makes me even more grateful to God for them. I hope that the memories with you grandfather today as you celebrate his b-day will do the same for you. What a cheerful and cute card for you grandmother. I am sure that she will love it.

  5. Thinking of you....

    Very sweet card!

  6. Thank you for sharing Kris! Happy Birthday to two wonderful people in your life. I'm sure your Granpa is smiling down on your folks. Love this card, the images are adorable and you've done a fabulous job putting it together. Ur Aunty is going to love it! TFS! :)

  7. Hi Kris,
    Your Aunty will love the card and I think it was so clever that you used the DD stamps to represent your 3 kiddies. I'm sure your Grandpa is watching over you and will also "suck 'em up" today in spirit. :-)

  8. love your bday card! great way to use the cute images!! i'm sure they are both proud of everything you've accomplished!

  9. Love this beautiful birthday card!
    I'm sure Grandpa is looking down and smiling... and your Aunty will love this card.


  10. such an adorable card! i know how you feel about your grandpa. my grandparents played an important part of my life and i still miss them each and every day. i only wish my kids could have been blessed to know them too. but unfortunately they can only learn about them through us. you were blessed to have wonderful grandparents and i know that he is watching over you and your family. happy birthday to your aunty too!


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