Friday, September 23, 2011


It's ALOHA Friday!!! wooohoooo!!!

in less than 12 hours from now, my besties will be exchanging vows! yipppppeeeee!!! it's about darn time! =D they decided to do a simple ceremony and then opted for an intimate gathering versus a high end reception... oh yes, we're gonna have some fun tonight!!

besides me making my yummy mini blueberry cheesecakes for tonight by request, i was also asked to do some last minute favors.... pressed for time this is what i came up with....
pillow box favors... very clean and simply decorated... used the sizzix pillow box die, printed the little thank yous and made a little band to go around the box... hubby helped out and punched all the little hearts and flowers... and he even added the rhinestones to the flower mids! isn't he the sweetest?!? thanks darling, might have not finished without your help!! =D
here's a close up... thankfully with little time i only had to make 50 (all 50 couldn't fit in the photo above this one, LOL)... phew... with a little overtime i was able to complete this in the nick of time for the big day.... hope the besties like it!

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew and Rhovelyn Watanabe!!!

You did it!! Welcome to the marriage club, hehehe! May your marriage be as blessed as you are and your love for each other grow stronger than the day before.... Love you both very much!!!

wooooohooooo!!! and please give me lots of nieces and nephews!! special request, LOL....

kay friends... way past my sleep time... need to rest up so we can PPPPPAAAAARRTTTTYYYY!!!

be back soon... have a FANTABULOUS weekend!!!


  1. I'm sure that are going to love those favors...
    and that yummy inside of it too....

  2. HUGE CONGRATS to you too Kris. You did it and I think they turned out classy.

  3. Great job on the favors... Now how about some samples of that blueberry cheesecake huh? Hehe...

  4. Awesome Kris! I'm with Sweet! hahaha! Have fun and blessings to the new happily wed couple!

  5. I'm not surprised they requested your blueberry mini cheesecakes, delicious! These favors are so elegant and beautiful...your hubby did a wonderful job helping you too!
    Have a great weekend Kris!

  6. Kris I am sure that your besties loved your favors. They are truly beautiful. You are such a sweetheart and I am sure that they so appriciate all the work you have put into this. I have never had your blueberry mini cheesecakes, but OMG I am drooling already. I am sure that you do an over the top excelent job with them. :O) Hope your weekend is going great. Hugs, Lisa

  7. Love the pillow boxes that you made for your besties. They are simple, but elegant. I can't believe you made 50 in one night. I am sure that your friends and their guests loved them.


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