Saturday, September 10, 2011

"it's what you make out of it..."

Hey!! wishing you all a wonderful saturday!!! whatever it is that you are doing today, remember to smile!! =D

Week 7 of He-Art Journaling with The Greeting Farm - Every cloud has a silver lining (cloudy concept) was the assignment... using "clouds" in whatever form as an inspiration...

i usually soak in the assignment and then search the web for quotes... i write down a few that i like and then choose one to use as my "theme" for my page... i found a few for the assignment that i liked but there was one that really stuck to me...
"Every silver lining has a cloud" ~ Mary Kay Ash... yes, it's a jumble of the same words in the assignment (that was not intentional), but the way it was written in this form really got me thinking... basically i painted the whole page with morning silver acrylic paint and painted on a white cloud... why so simple?! that is where my own quote comes into play... "it's what you make out of it..." so what will you make out of my page?? call it ugly, call it unique, this page was created to embrace both postive and negative vibes... because simply, it's what YOU make out of it...

we all live with ups and downs in every aspect of things we do, say, believe in, etc... although we have some bad moments and sometimes we tend to dwell on it, we can make GOOD out of it if we choose to... anytime i need to reevaluate a situation or calm myself in the heat of a moment, this page will be available for me to read the quote again and better the situation... even the person living on a silver platter has a cloud over them, no lifestyle is absolutely perfect... perfection ceases to exist, and is highly overrated, because if we all were perfect, there would be no room to learn and grow.... this page is for you to use your imagination and choose the path you want to see... good or bad!

so next time you're in a situation, just remember the cloud over your head... you are it's controller... you can make the cloud rain on your parade or you can make it guide you to your goals... only you can control your cloud...

have a super fantastic weekend everyone and i'll be back on Monday with a challenge creation for Lollipop Crafts!! right now, i'm going to use my cloud as a pillow and get some shut eye!!


  1. I love love quotes! Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. love your journal page and the quotes! also, what you had to say about true! thanks for being an inspiration!

  3. I love it every time you post a journal page. I know that all your posts are written from your heart, but your journal pages are not only from your heart, but it helps makes a person a better one. What you have written on each one has really spoken to me and has made a difference in my life. Thank you so much for sharing the pages with us.


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