Friday, October 30, 2009

Yummy Delight

**Please be advised this is a long post... lots of pictures...**

Okay, as said, here's my Baking 101... besides paper crafting i do love to bake... well, when i have time... =D Today i'll share with you an "Oreo Delight"... now, these are very sinful, so if you're on a diet, i do not recommend them... you won't stop at one... LOL... Let's begin...

24+ foil lined muffin cups (you do't have to but it gives a better foundation)
24+ oreo cookies 2 (3 oz.) instant chocolate pudding
2 (8 oz.) pkg, cream cheese 2 1/2 c. milk
3/4 c. sugar 1 (12 oz.) cool whip
2 eggs 1 tsp. vanilla

Make sure you have all your ingredients... don't be like me and notice at the last minute there's no vanilla... Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
Line muffin pan with muffin cups and put a whole oreo in each cup
Beat cream cheese, sugar, eggs and vanilla, until fluffy <-- whatever that means because mine don't come out fluffy... =D
Fill cups 2/3 full. Bake for about 20 minutes...
These is what it looks like when they are finished baking... set them aside to cool
that darn elf took a bite out of it... hehe... sorry had to make sure it was done and it had taste
Mix pudding and milk (remember don't follow the box directions) fold 1/4 - 1/2 of the cool whip into the pudding mix
Top each cooled cup with this mixture
garnish with cool whip. i also add mini chocolate chips... sometimes i'll use chopped walnuts... just depends
and there you have it.... simple, easy, great for take overs and gatherings... makes about 24-30 mini delights...
these are so yoummy i made a 2nd batch for myself... LOL, no wonder i'm so plump... hahaha! hope you'll give these a try... you can always change it up... instead of pudding, maybe using some fruit pie filling or vanilla pudding instead... the creations with this yummy treat are endless... or for Halloween lovers, maybe some icky creatures coming out of the whip... =D Happy Baking and have a wonderful day! it's finally friday!!!


  1. Hi Kris!

    I love those! Sometimes I get lucky and someone brings them to a party or meeting.
    they are just so yummy, yummy, yummy!

  2. Yummy! Thanks for sharing. Have a very nice time :)

  3. I've never seen anything like these! I'm definitely going to be making them soon, thanks for the recipe Kris!

  4. Oh these look so yummy Kris!! You want to send some my way!!

  5. The sure look yummy, Kris! can I try one? hehe


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