Monday, October 19, 2009

October OCS and RAK

***there are 3 posts today, so be sure to scroll down for some challenge cards***

Okay, last post for today... i wanted to share with you my October OCS from my partner Jamee... she made me this beautiful twilight inspired card... OMGosh, when i opened it i could just here Edward say "hello"! LOL... you know, that scene when he finally talks to Bella... hehehe...
Here's the inside of the card... with none other than the Twilight logo... OMGoodness Jamee, my heart melted... hehe.... if you're a fan of the Twilight Saga, go and check Jamee's blog out... she has some awesome Twilight inspired creations that will just make you drool... over and over again... you'll spot some eye candy too, if you LOVE Edward...

Here's a RAK from a dear blogging sister that opened her arms to me when i first started out... she was one of my first few followers and i'm thankful for her kindness she has bestowed upon me... Denise, thank you very much for thinking of me and sending me such a loving RAK... I love when she uses the HBs... they are so darling and cutesy... the one on the left is a card she made to go with my gift... and for the one on the right, see below for what it is...
it's a post it note holder and she even added a calendar too... i told her i LOVE it too much to use... so for the time being, i have it propped on my desk (yah, please don't mind my messy desk in the pix) Lovely RAK she created... it even got the hubby in AWE...

the best part about this post, Jamee and Denise is a mother and daughter team... both very creative in their own unique and special ways... please give them a visit when you have time... you will be in AWE too... thanks girl, everything is so GREAT!
thanks for visiting with me today.... hope you have an awesome day/night, wherever you are!!!


  1. Great posts!! Love all your creations and am impressed that you do all those challenges. I did one so far.
    Jamee's OCS is clever with the use of ribbons. Denise's RAK is cool!
    Hey, you won blog candy on the TGF/Club Anya blog hop!! Congrats!!

  2. wow you got some awesome them all...have a great day

  3. Great card you received from Jamee for the OCS and what a great rak from Denise too!

  4. such wonderful RAKS! those are an amazing mother daughter duo! they are always creating you are another one of those twilight fans...ahhh...join the club...sorry I'm not one of them =) have a wonderful day!


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