Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pumpkin filled day...

It was a happy saturday! even if it was scorching hot... sorry friends! this one isn't a crafty post... atleast not yet... it was family day today with loads of fun and shopping... we got to go to 2 craft fairs and one had a pumkin patch... so i just wanted to share some pix of the girls in the pumpkin patch...
Krislen finally found one she liked... but Daddy said, if she can't carry it, she can't get it... so you betcha she tried her hardest... LOL

Alia also found one she liked... with both girls having different taste and style, we had to get 2!

Here they are roaming around looking for the one they really wanted...

Alia kept choosing the HUGE ones, and i was the one that kept saying no... LOL... usually it's daddy!

Alia just wouldn't look at the camera... she was having a bad day... =D
didn't get much at the craft fair... most of the things i saw were those moments that i said to myself, i can do that! i just don't have the time... LOL... but we managed to get some yummy edible items and a few crafty ones... mainly for the girls... and i am proud to report that i have started on my Christmas list... hehehe! if you can count one gift i've picked up today... There's this lady from Oahu who comes to certain craft fairs, so when she's here, i'll summon up what i need.... notice the need not want =D anyway, she does Japanese calligraphy, and me being part Japanese, i just love it... the girls' both have Japanese middle names and we already have them in calligraphy... this time around i purchased one for my uncle, who was (and still is) a father figure in my life... i was also close to my grandpa and both he and my uncle share the same middle name... so i had that done in calligraphy as a Christmas/bday (he's bday is the day after Christmas) gift, both in honor of my uncle and a rememberance of my grandpa... when i get a chance i'll take and post a pix...
after a day of not going into the craft room, because i was in there from last night until about 6am today, i think i'll head in there now... oh, in response to my dear friend Lynn, she asked if i ever sleep?!?!? i do, but i try to take full advantage of the weekends... it's the only real time i have to craft and not be bothered... LOL... yah, i'm crazy... hehehe! so friday and saturday nights i'll go until my eyes cannot stay open, which usually is around 5ish the next day... but i nap during the day with the kids for about an hour or 2 and then i'm back again... this is my crazy life and i'm glad you all are willing to share it with me! remember, SMILE, you never know who's looking at you! =D


  1. Great pumpkin patch pictures! Say that 4 times real girls are adorable..I am much like you, I work all week and some Saturdays, so the weekend it my time to get my cards done for the week. I also get up at 5am to take my shower and have five minutes to myself and all the blogs I don't like to waist time sleeping. Have a great Sunday, Lisa G

  2. fun pumpkin patch! can't wait to see the creation. I still have to get going on carving our pumpkin. hmmm, must be something I don't want to do cuz' we've had ours for a week now. I'd better get cracking! have a good one!

  3. Your girls are adorable, love the pics... I remember how important it was to get the perfect pumpkin for carving! :)

  4. Such cute girls you have--enjoy these moments cause they grow up so fast. Thanks for sharing your wonderful family with us!

  5. NICE pics, Kris! Thanks so much for sharing! Your girls look like they had a lot of fun! My son wouldn't let us take his pic as well. Kids! :)


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