Tuesday, October 27, 2009


A quick post before i head out the door to work... Recapping my previous post - Pumpkin filled day, i was able to get a picture of the calligraphy art we purchased at the craft fair... now i just wanted to share it with you...
the top is Kanji writing meaning "prosperity" and the bottom is my uncle/grandpa's Japanese middle name Shigeru which means prosperity...

The next 2 photos are of the DDs middle names that we've purchased in previous years... This is DD#1's name... Misako... meaning beauty, gentle....

and DD#2's middle name.... Sayuri, meaning sweet and beauty...
how's that for quick... Have a great day and come back tonight for another sweet treat post!
**scroll down for challenge card post**


  1. Really, Kris? Is that what it means? That's what they told you?

  2. Kris, this is just beautiful..How awesome...I love it. Lisa G

  3. Wow, these are so cool...so beautiful!


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