Saturday, October 31, 2009

Home is where the.... is! **Loooong*

Let me start this off by saying... HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! hope you all have a Spook-tacular haunting...

well, i'm waaaay behind on challenges again... it's been a crazy week putting together the last minute treats... i managed to put one creation together for a challenge taking place right now... The Greeting Farm is having a new release party on Sunday, the 1st of November and there are a few challenges going on... one for the wee Tots and one for those young and young at heart... hmmm, which catergory do i belong to?!?!? LOL... anywho, the challenge i'm playing is "Home is where the ___ is"... what does that mean you ask?? well, create a card, layout, etc. that shows who, what or where home is to you, to fill in the blank... pretty great huh?!?

as i was thinking about what to do for this challenge i asked the DH to fill in this phrase... his response: "Home is where the TV is" now give me the remote... LOL, i guess i got what i asked for, since i did ask a guy... if i had the stamps to support that statement, believe me, i would have created it... LOL...

then i asked DD#1 to fill in the phrase... her response: "Home is where the toys is"
DD#2's answer (well, i said the phrase and she just filled in the blank) Home is where the "baba" is... (and pointed to her crib)... i couldn't help but laugh... i knew she was going to say something random since she doesn't quite understand... then randomnly i asked my aunty the same thing and here is her response: "Home is where the family lives" LOL... thanks everyone that was great help... LOL

so i thought about it for a while before settling on something... and i couldn't help thinking about the upcoming holidays... i know what home is for me... and by home (for me) it doesn't have to be a building foundation... my family is my home... my friends are my home... but then i started getting real sensitive thinking about it and i thought to myself, what about the others around me?! so much has happened this year (not me personally)... people losing jobs, losing homes, financial crisis... i know i am less fortunate than the person who has more than me, but there are those who are even less fortunate than me... with Thanksgiving around the corner, i'm thinking about those i don't even know... i don't just mean those who don't have homes, but even those in the military who are far away from home... sure they have a building foundation they call home, but yet it's not... i try to teach my kiddies to be grateful for what they have... what we have... because the person sitting next to them, may have nothing at all... so in like of this gesture and a little something that may help my children understand different situations, i chose to make a little flap book... just a little fiction story of different places to live... and therefore i filled the blank with "Home is where the Heart is"!
OMG! i'm sorry! i hope i didn't loose you... but i just had to share something from my heart and thoughts... well, here goes... above is the cover of the book... this space paper was staring at me so i used it... it was unintentional that i colored bunny bear to look like an alien.. i thought it was a nice color... =D i actually colored the image before choosing the DP, but now that i look at it, it's perfect with the title... the title of my little story... "Where is your home?" 1st page - Is it on a deserted island, with sandy beaches and swaying palm trees...
2nd page - Is it in a flower meadow, where everything is so fresh and green...
3rd page - Is it in a hay field, where the lambs run free...
4th page - Is it down by the pond, where you can stay and enjoy the scene (this is a shaker page)
5th page - Is it under the sea, where the fish play all day...
6th page - We all have differences. It doesn't matter if we live under a box, inside a car or on the beach. As long as we have love, Home is where the heart is...

The end... Love Mommy

a little shabby now that i think about it, but oh well... it's made... =D

Thanks for sticking with me until the end... i am sorry it was rather long... I really hope this post inspired you to maybe help a family in need this holiday season... even if with a simple card... on my list of gratefulness this Thanksgiving, all of you, for being a friend! Have a wonderful Halloween, end of month, saturday.... oh, just have a wonderful... =D


  1. Kris you are a omplete sweetheart! I think thi book is amazing and not shabby at all - the book is a lovely idea and so so precious! And your thoughts and emotions are just so lovely! I hope you win because this creation is full of heart
    love tasha xx

  2. Hi Kris, I am saying DITo to what Tasha said!! You are just the sweetest...Home is where the heart is! Your book is far from shabby...Your wonderful kids are lucky to have a Mom that teaches them the most important of values...You see you could get me started as should win..A couple of years ago we spend about 9 months living in a hotel do to some bad times..However my kids were able to understand that no matter what, we had the 4 of us, our health and a warm place to live, so all was just fine! It wasn't as bad as it sounds, it just was not what we had planned for ourselves...Have an awesome day, and give your family a big hug from G :D

  3. Loved your post Kris and your book is far from shabby, it's the most precious thing I've seen! We all need to reflect from time to time, it's so easy to start feeling 'poor me' when we really have so much to be thankful for!
    Thanks for making me see that again!

  4. Oh my gosh, Kris, I love your book! You are so creative! Of course not, Kris! It's not shabby at all!

  5. Kris, I read every word of your post and I am glad to know such a wonderful person as you. The world would be a better place if there were more like you--you have such an enormous heart and you are such a sweet and giving person! I LOVE your book--it shows what a big heart you have! Thanks for sharing and have a safe and Happy Halloween!

  6. What an awesome job you did on the chellenge. You over exceeded the mark for sure. I love the book. I can really see that you put your heart into this one- not like you don't put your heart into each of your projects. The booklet shows that you have a heart of gold. That is why we all love you so much.

  7. Wow... this is so creative and beautiful! I'm sure your children are going to love it. Thanks for sharing.

  8. this is soooo cute!! Great job on creating a book. That's so creative!


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