Monday, August 15, 2011

Phew, i'm surprised i made it through....

Well hello there!! i know i missed a posting day (Friday) but it was SO crazy running around with last minute things that day that i just couldn't get on here.... this week i'll be highlighting some party sharings, if you don't mind... =D too many pixs to share on just one post!

the party was a success... our hard work really paid off as we received many wonderful compliments on everything! some called me crazy for doing all that i did, but hey, it's my last "baby" and he only turns 1 once right?! all in all, we got lots of great compliments on the table deco, my candy bar, the banner, the sign in book, the food and most of all the most AWESOME cake the baker has ever made for me... it really topped my wedding cake and DD2's 1st birthday cake(which he did both too).... it was so cool we didn't even want to cut it... LOL... i'm gonna tease you guys on that and not share it just yet.... hehe... because i can... =D the kids had fun as i set up a coloring and name tag station... they were swarmed around the table creating... (you know i needed something crafty)... thank you to my sister and hanai sister for manning that station...

some of our guest even talked to me about party planning as a biz... but i go through so much stress with my own parties do i really want to take on someone's elses?! LOL... i actually have one lined up for next year and maybe volunteered to do one next month... something always comes up! but i love what i do and if it will put a smile on someone's face, why the heck not! hehe!

am very thankful that it's over now, no more worrying about this and that... can i finally concentrate on the holidays?!? or am i pushing myself a tad bit too much right now?!? can i finally find a decent time to sleep?!? LOL... hahaha, probably not!!

today's sharing is a keepsake... i decided to do my own sign in/guest book since i have a Cinch now... i waited to the very last minute to get this going for fear that i'd mess it up... guess what?? i did... LOL... thank goodness it was only the back cover... alright, let's go, lots of pixs...
here's the cover.... THANK YOU BRENDA for making all the critters and sandcastle and sun for the book!! it's so cute i really had a hard time adding them to this book... but i did because it was meant to be.... Thank you Bren!! Love yah girl!!

Brenda made the sandcastle and crab shown on the cover... isn't it CUTE?!?
now we take a look inside.... here are the sun and fish that Brenda also created... you'll see a few more in here as we go along (i didn't use it all, have to save for the other pages).... left the birthday page sorta plain hoping i can cut up some pictures from the party to add around...
about me page and sign in sheets.... just a little story about my son... birth date, weight, height, etc.
this one is a "recipe" for Keenan... listing the parents, grandparents, great grandparents, godparents, his ethnicity, etc.
pictures!!! a MUST!! lots of my fave pictures have been added to this book....
another one...
and another one...
last page in the book.... see the critters again?! =D there are more pictures to actually go in here... but i was so afraid that it would get ruined that i held back on adding more... my intentions now that the party is over is to get these pages laminated, add a few more with the pictures i wanted to add and some from the party and then rebind together... then we can go back and look through it over and over again.....

hey if you've survived this post, THANKS! hehe... that's what happens when i miss posting days... i'll be back tomorrow with another sharing from the party... THANK YOU for stopping by today and for all the wonderful birthday wishes to my lil' one... he had a splashing time!

go and check out this week's new challenge at Lollipop Crafts too... some sweet eye candy for you there....


  1. OMG! your book came out wonderful! yes, i agree you should definitely go into the party planning business! you have such great ideas! i'm glad all went well with the party! happiest birthday wishes to little keenan!

  2. Too cute Kris! Brenda is a wonderful friend to make all those critters. The book looks terrific. So glad the party was a hit. You should definitely think about that party planning in the future. Think of all the ideas you have flowing coming to fruition for someone else. :)

  3. Keenan is a lucky boy. You obviously did a great job on the party and the scrapbook is awesome. Scrapbooking was not popular when my oldest boy was one but I wish that I had taken the time to do one for my second son. Good job Kris! You are allowed to rest now. LOL!

  4. So cute! Wanna make one for me? Nah, only kidding. Sounds like you had a great party and lots of fun. Happy belated b-day to the birthday boy!

  5. You did it!!! Glad all went well and you got LOTS of compliments. Hey, maybe you were meant to be a party planner. :-) Love the guest book....super cute.

  6. Kris I am so happy that your little one's First Birthday was so fun and came out just as you had imagined. I think you are just awesome with all that you do to put together such wonderful parties and fun for all of your babies. They are very lucky to have a Mamma like you my friend. I love seeing Keenan's book. It is just adorable, and I don't think you can ruin it with too many pictures. lol... I only have to the two kids, and when my Mom and Dad come over and my Dad sees all of the pictures on the walls and in the scrapbooks he always teases me and say "You do know there are other people in the world?" I just smile and tell him that I know, but I don't Love them like I do my babies. Big Hugs to you and the family. Lisa

  7. That is one precious book there and so nice of Brenda to cut those critters out. Man, I think I must fly you over here to help me with Asa's party. This is the first time I'm so clueless and so unorganized. I'm slowly thinking things through and ordered some stuff online. I can't even begin to say, PHEW! Keenan is one lucky guy to have you, hubs, sistahs, and great family surrounding him! Happy B-day Lil Man!

  8. you did an awesome job on the guestbook! so creative! yah, that would be stressful to do planning as a business! at least all your hard work paid off for his party!

  9. Glad his party was awesome! Wish I was a lil kid and could enjoy all this :) haha, but thats what us crafty mamas are make them memorable parties!! Awesome job!!


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