Friday, August 19, 2011

Oh, right! the CAKE!

Happy Aloha Friday peeps!! for many of you in Hawaii, today marks a holiday... yep Admissions Day... the day we became the 50th State! so why are we still treated as if we are in the boondocks?!? LOL... anyway, what are you all up to for the weekend?! me, maybe a little shopping, i'm in need of a pedi and hopefully some craft time while the kiddies hit the pool... we'll see... weather is pretty nice today... hoping it stays like that for the weekend....

i'm finally revealing the wonderful birthday cake Keenan had for his 1st birthday party.... are you all drooling in wonder?!? tadduh!
isn't it so kiddie and cute?!?! courtesy of Broke Da Mouth Cookie Company.... yum, yum, yum! it fit the party theme to the fullest.... yes this is the Queen Emma cake that is 4 layers of cake, guava, passion fruit and coconut and in between the cake layers yummy whipped filling in coordinating flavors... yummy goodness... mmmmmm!!! i love the way he did the decorations... and how he made the coconut topping look like sand.... and the lettering is written in chocolate...... oooooh sugar rush! come to think of it, i should have given the baker some fishing poles too... that would have been cute...
well someone surely enjoyed the cake.... he was ready to dive right into the cake before we even sang Happy Birthday.... LOL.... my uncle has the pictures of him eating his first piece of this cake, so i'll have to share it later, but he liked it... and this time he wasn't as messy... hehe!

short post today as i'm going to start my adventures.... i'll be back later with a card creation for a challenge.... WOW, can you believe i played in a challenge?!? LOL...

have a wonderful Friday and come check back later.... probably late tonight or tomorrow.... =D


  1. Oooh such a delish / yummy cake!
    I bet he enjoyed it...

  2. what a neat cake! and it sounds so ono! he looks so happy and cute!

  3. So nice cake! He looks so happy :)


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