Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Getting beachy this week...

Happy humpday!! i'm going bonkers!!! lost half a day already... but it has not gone unproductive... so that's a good thing! hope you are enjoying your midweek!

i've got my pages for Week 2 of He-Art Journaling class with The Greeting Farm to share with you.... i have to say making sure i complete these assignments is very fulfilling in accomplishments... takes me a while to "light bulb" some ideas... more than once i change my mind... but that's what free spirited is all about...

Week 2's assignment was to create 2 pages with the concept of sun, sand, beach or in other words beachy, tropical getaway, paradise... you catch the drift right.... so in my best efforts to "drawing" i came up with this...
i used watercolors to set my sky background and i really love the effect it gave my pages... the sun, ocean, coconut tree, clouds and birds were all made with acrylic paints... i stamped a few words that i thought was appropriate to my scene like explore, hidden in the sea, summer fun, adventure and the great escape... even used my little fishy stamp.. so there's a bunch of fish swimming... the rest of it (beach chairs, beach ball, etc) are all stickers... as well as the "sand", "sun" and "beach" words... i almost forgot... i use real sand paper (the ones for sanding wood, LOL) to make my beach theme.... so not only do i have a realistic look, but a feel too... =D please excuse my ocean and waves... LOL... did i mention i CAN'T draw?!?! haha!! i had the visual picture of what i wanted the waves and sort to look like, but difficulties painting it... hehe.... my intentions are to eventually cut up some pictures of the kiddies this summer to add to these pages, totally why i went for the more playful, kiddie type look.... or is it because i can't draw?!? hehe...

ok, back to the craft room... still much to do... join me tomorrow for a spotlight sharing for Lollipop Crafts! be back soon!!


  1. It shouldn't have been too hard for you to work on this weeks assignment since you live beautiful Maui. :) You did a great job on the assignment. I think especially like your cute palm tree.

  2. OMGosh! You did such an amazing job Kris! I'm having such a hard time with this journaling stuff . . . I'm too anal and want to dictate every single detail, but the whole purpose is to get messy and let it go! :) Luv your pages!

  3. wow, these are really awesome pages! your pages make like it's a great place to be! it will look very nice with your kids pictures!


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