Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Party decorations....

Back again on this beautiful Tuesday..... Thanks to those who left comments yesterday about the whole party planning biz.... although i don't think it's the right timing for me to do it right now, i wouldn't mind doing it on a smaller level... you know, the simple things like favors or table deco.... i am honestly not ready to take on party planning as a whole gig.... hehe! we'll see, things change.... =D

alright, so more party sharings for your viewing eyes.... be prepared because it's another long post....
these were my centerpieces.... did not exactly come out how i planned it too, but with limited time i had to make it work... for one, we couldn't get Keenan to do his hand prints.... he just didn't like the paint on his hands... weird for a boy but oh well... he was not going to do hand prints on every centerpiece so i ended up having to make copies of the best set... which was this one... i should have ordered the collage prints a little bigger but didn't (slipped my mind) and just made do with what i ordered.... then i used these painted wood deco i got from BFC to add to the "theme".... pretty plain if you ask me.... i wanted a bit more color... but everyoone semmed to like it, so ok!
this was the table fillers... i found this idea on the BFC website (here) and some of my crafty friends like Joy U. and Enjoli had their versions as well which inspired me to try it.... used the accucut candy wrapper die at BFC since i bought my paper from there... cut out about a 100, didn't use them all since some was trial and error... i used the double arch MS border punch for the scales which i adhered using spray glue and a 1' and 3/4' circle punches for the eyes.... used fishing line to close 3 of the 4 flaps to form the head... and the last flap is to resemble the mouth... the tail of the fish was closed using crochete yarn and the fish were stuffed with li hing mui drops... not to heavy and took up most of the filling space...

hubby then created fishing poles using jewelry wire... wanna see the fishing poles closer, click the pix to enlarge... for the base we used recycled items like coffee jars and glass cups... filled with sand, covered with some cellophane and glued on some seashells... this i must say, was a highlight of the party... everyone was in awe on the amount of detailing hubby and i did to make this happen.... it felt really good to receive the compliments... and to my dear hubby for all the yelling to get the poles done, i LOVE you for doing the poles for me!!! You did a MARVELOUS job on them! oh and then of course he stringed fishing wire through the poles so we could hang the fish....

here's the banner made by my awesome Uncle (who happens to be one of Keenan's godparents)... it turned out sooooo darn CUTE!!! and can you believe that it's done using markers?!? no joke... it's not paint, it's not spray paint, but good ol' fashion markers!!! and i don't think it was copics either! hehe.... amazing detailing and very kiddish which i wanted... perfect for the celebration.... this is definitely a keepsake and i'm hoping my Aunty can turn it into a blanket.... =D

so i only have a few more pictures to share with you in the days to come... my other uncle took some pictures of everything else and as soon as i get that on a cd form him, i'll be able to share those pixs with you.... going through the pixs that i took, i failed to take a lot of pictures of other things.... =( like my candy bar and sign in table.... so i'm hoping he captured some.... oh yah, so the candy bar was a huge success... everyone loved the idea (guess it hasn't really been done here on maui)... we just went to costco and picked up loads of bulk candy to display and be taken... and there was some left for me to stash too!! yay!! LOL.... i need a sugar rush every now and then...

that's it from me today... thanks again for sharing some time with me... i still haven't found the energy to craft but i'm hoping i will soon... still haven't finished cleaning my mess... hehe! see you soon!!


  1. I love the centerpieces and I think they came out great. It shows so much love. I love the fish too, so cute. That banner rocks, what a talented Godfather. Thanks for inspiring :)

  2. Although I was impressed with all the party fixings, I think the fish favors on fishing poles was may favorite part. They came out really cute and the poles were a good idea. Kudos to your hubby who did a great construction job on the poles. Li hing mui is a good lightweight filler..I'll have to remember that. I would have chosen honey balls but I know that many folks don't like it. Have a happy crafty day!

  3. Those were some great centerpieces and I love love those fishing poles!! Your hubby did an amazing job, looks just like my DHs nitros ;) Cant wait to see more and what an awesome idea of the banner into a blanket. A wonderful keepsake from a wonderful party!! TFS :)

  4. very cute decorations! all so creative! and love the banner your uncle made!

  5. Kris, you did a super FANTASTIC job. The decorations were awesome. I especially love the fish, cute idea, and nice blue (your fave).

  6. Wow! Nothing went unnoticed . . . so many details and things to do and you did them all! Luv all the decorations! :) Keenan is one lucky man!


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