Monday, July 4, 2011

it's CANDY time!!!

let's get crafty with it!! haha!

Happy 4th of July everyone!!! Hope you all are having/had a WONDERFUL weekend!!

ok, so the month of June flew right past me.... i can never get a grip on time... and that means my 2 YEAR BLOGAVERSARY went right past me too... technically i set up my blog in June but didn't post until July... so, why not celebrate my 2 year anniversary in July this year!!! =D

Yup, it's time for some BLOGAVERSARY CANDY!!! who doesn't want some sweetness?!?
you will get all that is pictured in the photo above PLUS a few extras i'm gathering that i didn't have a chance to photo yet... i LOVE embellies and decided to do some EMBELLIE CANDY!!

here's how to chance your luck at some candy...

1. you MUST BE A FOLLOWER of my blog as of today... (i wouldn't have made it this long without all of the encouragment and support from my followers)

2. post a comment on THIS post by July 18th at midnight HST.

3. PLEASE DO NOT share this candy on your blogs...

4. Optional: answer this question: "if you were asked to create the next HIT for paper crafts, what would it be?" i.e.: stamp line, embellies, paper, dies, pens, etc.... i think this would be fun to read about what you would create....

5. Optional: post a link within your comment sharing one of MY creations (old or new) that has inspired you and why...

easy peasy right? #4 and #5 are totally optional and you will not be disqualified for not playing along, but if you do answer any one of them (or both), i will give you another entry... so have fun, get creative and comment away....

winner will be drawn on July 19th....

Thank you so much for making the last 2 years of blogging fun and interesting!! i've come along way from the last year and i have learned so much from many of you... made new friends, been apart of new adventures and i'm just enjoying my time with all of you... i hope to bring more creations and inspirations to you and look forward to another year! Hugs to all the friends i've made through my blog, near and far... and THANK YOU all for the endless support, encouragement, critiques, inspirations, but most of all, for the FRIENDSHIP!!


  1. such wonderful candy! found you thru lollipop crafts a few weeks ago. Im a new follower :)

  2. ooh how fun....Okay let me see what would I like to create... Hummmm...I know those candy's look yummy!

  3. Happy 2nd Anniversary Kris, I hope you have many more! Your candy looks delish!
    question 1- I think for paper we will see a shift from the vintage vibe to bolder colors and more graphic designs, so if I could make paper it would be bold (you know I like the bright colors!)
    question 2-
    I LOVE the colors you used on this card, it makes me happy! It's always so inspirational to come see your creations and leave all happy and tranquil...just the right frame of mind for card making! Thank you for that! :)

  4. happy blogaversary! can't believe it flew by so quickly! i am so blessed to have met you out in blogland too! hope you had a great 4th of July!

  5. Happy Blogaversary Kris!! Wow two years has flown by so fast! It's so wonderful to come to your blog and see what you've been up to. You're one of the busiest I know and you make time for everything! Thank you for the funny stories and also the wonderful inspiration! I'
    ll play along with your fun blog candy just cause the questions are so interesting! #4 I'd probably create a line where you could mix and match your stamps easily. I guess you could call it paper dolls, but with stamps. #5 I love all of your stuff, but this one card you created for the MM challenge caught my eye, it's beautiful! The color scheme, the papers, the image were all just beautiful. Thanks again for a wonderful opportunity and Congratulations on your turning 2! Hope you had a great weekend. Have a good week! Hugs,

  6. I will tell you that what inspires me most about you are TWO things. One, your AMAZING charity cards that you've done these past two years. You have such a kind, generous heart...and that leads me to #2- the fact that you're always sending and posting RAK's. You have cultivated such a sisterhood here on your blog- it warms my heart every time I see it . And three, Ok, there are three, LOL...your awesome and inspiring dedication to our fave TGF stamps! Love visiting- keep up the awesomeness, my dear girl!

  7. Oh Kris! I totally agree with Jess! GENEROUS! KIND-HEARTED! A SWEET SISTER!

    Ok, #1 . . . Check! #2 . . . Check! #3 . . . Check! #4 - I'd go with dies! I'm a die-aholic as you can see. I luv all shapes, labels, etc! & #5 - Hmmmm . . . I absolutely LUV all your creations! So inspirational especially when you have 3 sweeties to care for and you can bang out the projects with no prob! :) My hero! Congrats on your 2nd blogaversary dear sis! Wishing you many, many more!

  8. BIG Congrats to you Kris!! I agree with Jess too! You are simply amazing with your kind, warm heart... answer to #5, everything you do is genuinely inspiring!
    #4... it would have to be associated with embellies - wish I knew what though, then I could make some! LOL!

  9. Hi Kris!, Happy Blogaversary! Wow, 2 years of awesome creations and amazing inspiration from you--I wish US many, many more years, lol!

    Ok, let me answer #5--one of your creations that has inspired me, and cost me some $ I might add, lol. This is an oldie but goodie and there has been many more since, but it's this one here, "For You" dtd 12/18/09. You can see by my comment that I loved everything about it--I even bought the stamp, you inspired me so much! You bad enabler you, lol! So glad to have met you in blogland (and personally) Kris, thanks for 2 years of awesome inspiration! Congrats!!!

  10. happy blogaversary to you! yay. glad to have found you in blogland! would be cool to have my own line of paper! everything cute and colorful! that is hard, all of your creations honestly inspire me! i really like that you have your own company and you do a lot of fairs! that is a lot of hard work! esp. since you have kids too! that inspires me to hopefully do something like that in the future!

  11. Congrats Kris on your 2nd blogaversary! I can't believe that we've been friends for more than 3 years since we became friends before you started your blog. I have been seen your wonderful creations since the start and have enjoyed all your creations. The ones that I enjoy the most are the Hello Kitty and Hawaiian themed items that you have created. If I were to start a line I would want to have Asian dies, paper, and stamps that coordinate together in a kit. Thanks for a chance to win some yummy candy. May God continue to help you to use your creative gifts to create awesome crafty items that will be a blessing to others. Big hugs!

  12. Hi Kris. Happy 2nd Blog-aversary! I didn't realize or I should say that I forgot we had started our blogs so close to each other. Mine is coming up in August and I have been gathering goodies. (Be sure to check my blog at the end of the month.) Anyway my friend I would have to agree with Jess. I am always amazed by how many cards you are able to make for every charity event that the Greeting Farm has. You are WONDER WOMAN, what with two growing girls and a toddler boy. :O) I honestly don't know what I would come up with, but I do know that I hope the Greeting Farm keeps coming up with all their wonderful stamps. I just love them. Hope you are well and having a wonderful July! Hugs, Lisa

  13. Congrats on your 2 Year!!! and I must say a big thank you to you :) Your an inspiration...all that crafting and with your kiddies no less!! Super mama, Love just popping in your blog and seeing some awesome creation or reading a funny story. Take care and thank you for being such a sweet blogging friend :)

  14. Happy 2nd Anniversary!! Thank you for being such an inspiration in this great crafting community. Thank you for taking time to post. I love seeing your creations, and so glad you got to finish your invites!!


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