Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's such a CINCH!

Bonkers! the day is half gone... sorry peeps... wasn't feeling so good last night and wasn't able to snap snap til now...

i hope i didn't scare your minds asking you to guess what yesterday's project was going to demo!! LOL... i tried to add key words of supplies in my write up... but seriously if i had to guess just by looking at the project i would have said nesties... haha! since the effort was to use different shaped nesties for the frames... BUT that wasn't it! it's actually a sample to demo the CINCH... i wanted to showcase that the Cinch can be used for other purposes besides binding... think of it as a hole punch with better features! took me long on punching holes in that project because the mid section isn't an even inch... but that's what's fabulous about the Cinch... trial and error until it's just right... =D

the creation today is another simple project demo-ing the Cinch in it's binding features....
a simple and easy recipe book! of course the main purpose of the demo will be binding... i'm very fond of the Cinch because you can create all types of binded projects... i'm a lefty and sometimes find it difficult to "write" with the bind to my left... so a lot of my personal use notebooks, etc. using the Cinch has the binding on the top... ahhh, comfort!
these are the inserts for the recipe book... trial and error again trying to print the words evenly and somewhat on the lines... LOL... i think i wasted half a pack of index cards to get it just right... because the cover is chipboard, you can jot down all your fave recipes in this book and when you need it, flip to the recipe and it will stand alone on your counter... can't really do that with regular recipe books that have soft covers... i know mine tend to fall down...

with the Cinch you can create many gift giving items like this book, or even notepads... or something outrageous like yesterday's wall hanging frames... hmmm, maybe you could make your own popular smash book! the possibilities are definitely endless....

join me Saturday at Ben Franklin Crafts Kahului, for the Cinch demo!! alright back to prepping some other stuff... tomorrow i'll have some cards to share... =D have a fabulous hump day!!


  1. Hi Kris....I'm a lefty too which is probably why we have so many similar interests. It's great to hear that you will be at the Maui BFC. I need to look at the Cinch products because I haven't tried them yet. Love the recipe cover!

  2. Love the recipe book! I was just thinking I needed to start one. Gotta get all of mine off the comp and into one place :) thanks for the sweet idea and love that versitile cinch!! TFS

  3. Cute project, Kris! I'd probably use a whole pack to get the index cards printed straight!LOL!

    They are going to have fun on Saturday with you at the Paper Party!

  4. Hi Kris. This is just adorable! I love your papers that you have used and the way that you used the Cinch to bind the top. Great idea. Jerry and the kids bought me one for Christmas, and I love using it. Have a great day. Hugs, Lisa

  5. Hi Kris
    This is fabulous creation! love the papers and colours.

  6. I like the recipe book that you put together using the Cinch. I am a lefty too and I know what you mean about the binding on notebooks being a bit annoying.

  7. very creative recipe book with the cinch! good luck at Ben Franklin!

  8. Love the idea! Might have to case this!

  9. I love my Cinch!! I love ur project! hehe


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