Thursday, July 7, 2011

HK Round 2....

Sorry gang!!! had a late start this morning and it's overhaul in my hale... trying to wash my table skirts and covers and pack that away... and of course i'm NOT done crafting yet... LOL...

so curious minds want to know what the heck a RO-PREP is??? LOL... i apologize for the not so creative name... haha!! ok, so my version of a RO-PREP is a robot that will help me prep all my projects... i seem to notice that i spend endless time on measuring and cutting papers and such... come on now, there are robots that clean the house, so why not have one for crafting too! RO-PREP will save you time by programming her to measure and cut your papers, add adhesive and maybe even glue on your embellies... we could even go as far as having RO-PREP assemble 3D items for you to decorate... wouldn't that be sooooo cool??? i think i'd get more crafting done with the help... maybe i'm living a dream in the Jetson's age but hey, that's what i would create if i could... =D i came across naming this robot Mr. Mojo, but i honestly fired mine last week! LOL... i've hired Miss Creativity, but i might have to lay her off too... hahahaha!

alright, did that get your minds going?!? on to the LAST HK notepads... i won't be making more of these until probably October, so if you see one you like, either email me to save it and we can work something out or come check me out at the Keiki Jam Fest this Saturday at Keanae Ball Park from 9am-5pm... here goes....
using more of my FAVE papers... love the colors combos and prints... oh, and i only have 2 tanned HKs on these notepads, one in this post and one on yesterdays...
and the last batch... Swimsuit HK was perfectly paired with my "hawaiian" print papers... beautiful tropical colors by Best Creations Inc. too bad this line is discontinued... i do have a stash for future projects though!! again, all of these have room to add some kind of personalization to make this more personal for you or for that special someone.... crossing fingers that these sell out! whatever doesn't go i'll list it on the Krisp Krafts blog and then add it to my Etsy shop... so check back to see how these cuties did...

gottah get back to my ever so messy craft desk... if i manage to finish up the projects i'm currently working on (more HKs) i'll post it tomorrow.. it's overtime as my last late night before this event but during breaks i'll try and hit your blogs! Thank you for sticking with me, even through my crazy schedule!! until next time.... ALOHA!!


  1. Round 2? Oh yeah, you pulled an all-nighter crazy girl! You are too hilarious with the Ro-PREP! I think I need several of those around me to give me a hand!

  2. I love the HK notepads! Can't believe you did so many. As much as I love HK, there's too many pieces for me. I think I'm needing a Ro-Prep too! Hope your day is not too crazy today, Happy Friday!!

  3. RO-Prep sounds awesome! The HK notepads turned out super cute... hope you have a big sell-out at your craft event!! ;)

  4. I think that all the crafters are going to purchase a RO-Prep as soon as you event it. You are going to be one rich person! You work way too hard. I can't beleive that you made so many notepads using the HK die. My head is spinning just when I make one. Lol! You did a great job on these too. I hope that youa re able to get some rest before you head down to the craft fair tomorrow. Big hugs!

  5. Super cute! You did a great job sister :)


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