Wednesday, July 6, 2011

HK is back again!

Midweek!!! YAY!!! so looking forward to the weekend.... hubby and i have a little tropical getaway on Saturday as we drive to the lucious tropical paradise of Keane.... it's only for the day for a fundraising event, but the drive is scenic and just being out there in that part of the island is so relaxing and beautiful!! don't get to do that often, even with living on this island!! LOL

don't forget to play along with my 2 year bloagaversary candy... take the link above or scroll down... =D it is so interesting to read the comments and i'm LOVING the ideas!! don't know what i'm talking about??? you better go check it out!

ok, so this past Friday i went into a crazy mode and did an ALL NIGHTER!!! yup, i did... and i don't mean my usual, 3-4am... i lasted until 8am Saturday morning!! haha! yes i'm crazy like that... but i had to or else i wouldn't get anything done for Saturday... i tell you one thing though... it's still kicking me in the you know what! i think i'm too old to be doing that kind of nights... sticking to my usual if needed is better... hehe! unless it really has to be done, which i feel one coming up... i'm so behind on my bigger projects... like my son's 1st birthday! yikes...

so here is what i worked on that night...
more HK notepads for your viewing pleasure.... LOL... i tried to use as much scraps as i could, but it was a challenge not having much big pieces... i was kinda forced to cut up new sheets... now, my scrap drawer accumulated more scraps... how did that happen??? LOL... i was ok with cutting up new paper... most of them are older lines that i picked up during the clearance sale at BF... hey 25 cents a sheet isn't that bad... i'm kinda bummed though.. it was really nice papers and i don't think i have extras...
here's a few more.... that first one has my FAVE papers on it... i hope i have a few more of those... that was also on clearance and i grabbed whatever i could find... hehe! i bet you remember that paper from previous creations ;D.... love the color and patterns on the 2nd... who would have thought dots and plaid really go together... you won't catch me wearing that patterns together, but in crafting, it all looks good! those papers are from the DCWV School stack that i think i got at Ross'... the last one are papers that i know i found at Ross'... it's from the write out collection and so pretty and bold... tried to preserve as much of that paper i could since it was sold as a pack of single sheets... can't find that one anymore here... i had about 5 HK charms left so not all have them... i tried to keep space to add sticker letters for names or such... always tell my cutomers that if they want a personalized look, take stickers and spell out a name... these will be available Saturday at the Keiki Jam Fest, unless you want to snag one up now, email me... =D

tomorrow i'll share the last 7... all together i made 13 that night... now you see why i was up til 8?! hehe!

before i go, i'll share this... if i had to create the next paper craft hit, i would invent the
RO-PREP... LOL... have no clue what i'm talking about... stay tuned and check in tomorrow to find out!! gottah leave you with some suspense... cheers for a beautiful day!!


  1. Chee hoo!! Us all nighters must unite! LoL.. Wonderful HK notepads girly! I love them all. These will definitely sell out fast! Ro-Prep, hmmm... got me curious sista. hahaha. get some sleep you're talking crazy! hehehe.. Hugs!

  2. Wow girl, these are all super CUTE! Great job with those papers, perfect for your HKs and such a great assortment--a sell out for sure! Have fun on your getaway, see you tomorrow!

  3. Great HK note pads Kris!
    Have fun on your getaway....

  4. Girl, I can't believe you pulled an all-nighter! I'm totally useless once midnight rolls around, LOL!
    These HK notepads are way too cute though so the lack of sleep seems to have been worth it! :)

  5. Hey Kris,

    Great HK projects! Sounds like a fun event you're going to!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Love your Hello Kitty creations. I think you will be a big hit at the fundraiser this weekend. Try not to work too hard. Have fun this weekend!

  7. love these notepads. you are crazy... i don't think i can do an all nighter. shoots sometimes i can't even make it through the news... lol!

  8. You are crazy! I can't pull all-nighter even if I wanted to. Dang . . . you go girl! :) Ro-PREP? I'll stay tuned for sure!

  9. wow you did an awesome job on all those notebooks! love them all! and another all nighter? but it looks like it paid off! :) have a great weekend!


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