Tuesday, July 19, 2011

There is a WINNER!!!!

Thank you to all of my wonderful friends for joining me with my 2 year blogaversary!! i still can't believe 2 years has gone by.... i've grown a lot (personally and crafting wise) since the beginning of this adventure and i have all of you to THANK because it was your inspirations, encouragement and support that keep me going day to day.... where i am today i would have never thought to be 2 years ago or even a year ago.... SO THANK YOU!!!!! Hugs to all!

now i know you're anxious to see the winner but i want to share this with you first.....

i randomnly went through my pix on the desktop and chose this creation from 2009....
then i chose this card from 2011..... coloring has gotten a tad bit better, thanks to tutorials and tips and techniques from you all... i'm not sure what differences i notice.... LOL.... i still (or atleast looks) the same.... whatcha think???

ok, and the winnnnnnner is........ MIMI!! congrats Mimi!! please email me to claim your candy and i will get that in the mail to you!!

Thank you everyone for playing along!! Cheers to another year!!

i'll be back in a bit to share my finished creation from yesterday.....


  1. what sweet cards you made. I think everyone reflects on their past creations and say that we are definitely improving. so glad cause I'd hate to be stuck where I used to be...lol! congrats to the winner and here's to more years of blogging! big hugs~

  2. Yea! Congrats Mimi!
    I think you were fab when you started and you are more fabulous now Kris...both cards are beautiful! Hope your having a great week!

  3. Congratulations Mimi!!
    Kris: Both of those cards are beautiful. thank you for sharing your creations with us...

  4. You were great then as you are now Kris! Congrats to Mimi!

  5. Yay, congrats Mimi!

    You are so awesome Kris! I'm so glad to have met you through blogging and I've watched you grow and nurture that creativity of yours. You can do no wrong and can produce awesome projects not to mention the ones shown above. Here's to many, many more years of fun!

  6. NO WAY!!! OMGosh! You are the most inspiring person. Even though we only met thru blogging, I can definitely feel your kindness and warm-hearted spirit through the amazing projects you continually create!! Thank you!! :D


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