Friday, July 15, 2011

Ben Franklin Crafts sends ALOHA to Japan

Happy Aloha Friday everyone (whatever is left of it)!!! A quick stop in to let you all know about a FABULOUS happening around the islands of Hawaii!! As i am a faithful reader of the happenings on the Ben Franklin Crafts website ( i ran across this today....

i did lift this from the site to pass on to my fellow blogging sisters around the islands as i know there are many of you who have awesome hearts... the BFC stores around Oahu and on the Big Island as well as Maui, will be having a Make n' Give at the stores... they are allowing customers to make cards (with provided supplies) in the store on July 23rd and July 30th in efforts to send some Aloha to Japan... PLEASE read the flyer for more details (my pix is kinda small, but take the BFC link to read a bigger pix)... Some of us have busy schedules and may not be able to participate in this heartfelt event HOWEVER, i'm sure you could make some cards at home and drop them off to a store near you... deadline is July 30th.... NOW wouldn't that be a good deed?!? i hope you will join BFC and send some of your ALOHA to Japan.... more info can also be found on the Joy of Crafting blog too... there is no limit on how much to give and there is NO limit to just the peeps of Hawaii... if there is any of my blogging sisters/flowers from around the US or around the world that would like to donate some cards to this cause, by all means send them to me and i will deliver to our BFC here... please contact me for mailing addy... deadline for mailed cards will be July 29th and please take into consideration mailing time...

as many of you know, i recently participated in the TGF Cards for a Cause campaign with it's beneficiary being the students of Tagasako, and my children and i sent off lots of smiles, but i am in no means stopping there... i am definitely ALL for good cause projects and will be making some as well and maybe i can get my Mini Ambassadors to participate too... lets join hands, bring out our craft supplies and send some love.... who's with me?!?!

and on another note, i'll be joining Kahului BFC next weekend for their PAPER PARTY, Saturday, July 23rd from 10am-2pm... come down and check it out too! gonna be another great weekend of FUN (let me get through this one first though)!!! all night prepping here i come.... LOL... jus' kidding... Have an awesome weekend everyone and i'll be back soon with some creations i hope!

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  1. Thanks for the Shout Out, Kris! Hope you have a lot of Fun at the Paper Party this Saturday!


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