Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Breaking News: the WORD of the week!

and that word is FRUSTRATE.... it can be used in sentences as is or as frustrated, frustrating or frustration... all listed applies to me... LOL.... how's that for catching.... bwahaha! long post so beware...

seriously though, it has been such a FRUSTRATING few days... it has settled since but still lingers! the weekend ended in frustration only to begin the new week frustrated... seems nothing was going right... i'll get to that later in today's story...

so yes, we did our mini weekend getaway on Saturday to the beautiful east side of Maui... NO i did not fulfill my "early" bedtime as planned... i ended up sleeping an hour before i had to wake up, but with the help of some starbucks, i lasted til 815pm that night... man was i drained... but here is what we drove into at 530am....

sorry, i couldn't get a good picture as the driver was driving faster than i could snap... LOL... there were other beautiful views of the sunrise but with the winding road it was impossible for me to capture...
we finally made it to Keanae at 6:15am and this is the most beautiful view captured on the peninsula... these are the times i say "i'm lucky to live in Hawaii"!! gorgeous and relaxed atmosphere in nature's beauty... the water is so clean and fresh and pure as boats are not often seen out in the water...
here's another view with the awesome waves in the background... gosh i stood there for a long time soaking everything in... it is different than city life i tell you that much... and absolutely wonderful to experience...
miniature horses.... or is it ponies... LOL... i thought they were so cute and wanted to share them with you... they had horse rides for the kids and a little train too.... too bad we didn't have the kiddies... they would have LOVED it!

the event went really well.... sales were down, but it was ok... just being out with the crowd for a good cause was worth my time!! and even though we didn't have a sell out day, i'm totally cool with it because that means less prepping for the next event.... haha! yah right! i was the only one with paper crafts and received extremely hearfelt comments on my products... that made my day as is... not much vendors with products that have interested me but i did find something for my girls....

both of my girlies got new HK blankies!! i wanted one for myself too but hubby said NO! LOL.... if i had my way i would have bought it all...

so back to the word FRUSTRATE... LOL... ok, i'm already late with my son's birthday invitations and instead of taking a break to recover on Sunday i started working on it... but there were lots of things that happened in the process... 1. the CS for the base did not cut porperly so it wasn't an even 4.75x5.5 cut... 2. my printer was not printing on the vellum correctly and i've wasted almost the whole pack... it still isn't printing properly but there's nothing i can really do... 3. the adhesive we used to glue the inserts to the invite was not sticking on the corners, we tried to fix but it wrinkled the paper and it looked worse... now you see where my frustration is going... LOL... by the end of Sunday i was giving up hope that i would ever get the invites done... i have people yelling at me that they need to go out... YES PEOPLE I KNOW!!! but what they don't understand is that it's just me! and producing 100 invites mainly all by hand and with just me, umm, i can't possibly finish in a day... LOL... anyway so the invites was just not working out to my liking... so how did i solve this problem??? i THREW it ALL AWAY! LOL.... wasted money but there was no way in fixing... so yesterday i went at it again... back to square one... went to the craft store, picked up more paper and i'm pushing overtime to get these done... i hired some HU-PREPS, the opposite of my RO-PREP, lol to help with the easy things... adding double sided tape to the CS.... hubby did some cutting and i'm doing the rest... but i've found that even with the easy things, my helpers had a hard time complying.... AAAAHHHH! i hear things like, oh nobody will notice or doesn't matter, but truthfully it does matter and i notice... LOL... as of right now i have about 30 completed invites.... and i mean completed... no having to go back and add this or that... phew... tired as heck but i must go on... i'll be MIA until i finish that... which hopefully is tonight... these are the times i wished i lived closer to my blogging sisters... being the only crafty one in the family(this household), it's hard to expect things to be done correctly or atleast to my expectations... it is really easier for me to do it myself.... haha! so invites sneak peek coming soon....

alrighty, thanks for sharing a part of your day with me and listening/reading my rambling and complaints... hehe! just had to share my non-perfect moments... hahah! i miss everyone and have been trying to sneak on to check out creations... i have yet to make it to commenting and to start playing in challenges again... this 100 invites in 2 days is already a challenge in itself but i'm going to do it! but then again that's what i get for procrastinating... hehe.... which isn't entirely true, since i had good cause for the procrastination... be back soon!


  1. Oh Kris, sorry to hear about all of your frustrations!! You need some R&R sister. I can truly understand why you are frustrated. I'm a huge procrastinator too, so I know first hand, LOL! I would've just gone to costco to make photo invitations. You could've settled on handmade thank you's instead. That's okay, it will all work out! Take care k? hugs!

  2. Sorry to hear you've been stressed out and frustrated Kris... if only I lived closer I would love to come over and help ya out with those invites! :)

  3. ohhh girl I am sorry. Your calming beach pictures are just what one needs to look at after reading your frustrating accounts w/ the invites. UGH! Sometimes when it rains it pours, huh? I am w/out a working printer right now but before it died I had some digi-drama, NOTHING compared to you having to crank out 100 though! You ppor thing :( Hope your week is looking WAY up, sweet thing!

  4. Hi Kris,
    Take it one step at a time. And you're not procratinating, you're just crazy BUSY. You got some nice scenic shots. Love shoreline pics. The blankies are super cute too. Krislen and Alia must look forward to going to bed now. :-)

  5. First, let me give you a great, BIG hug (((HUGS)))!

    Sorry to hear about your "FRUSTRATIONS". I know you, you push through any situation and nothing will get you down, not Kris! Hang in girl and luv the scenic pics. Oh, I admit it, I'd like to have me a HK blankie too! :)

  6. aww, very sorry to hear about your frustration!! wow, i could almost imagine what it was like! yah, if you live on oahu or vise versa we would all definitely help you! :) looks like you had a nice getaway!! hope everything works out!

  7. cute projects you have been working on. Hang in there with the frustration as I know how things can seem that they are not going your way and just seems to get worse. but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. take a few deep breaths and take a step back. I know it's easier said then done. but take care and when you least expect it...life will be back to GOOD.

  8. You truly are a sister at heart, Kris! I can hear it now...I always get the "You didn't start yet? Oh, you going stay up all night again?!" and yes those fabulous, "No one going notice"...geez, you would think by now people would know that just makes us cringe!LOL!I guess that's their way of helping us get through it all.

    I did something similar when I cut out all my Pooh characters on the cricut for a baby shower favor only to decide that they were just too small. Chucked them all!

    By now, I know you're all done, so hope you get some much needed rest before the next marathon!



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