Monday, May 24, 2010

Friends, a RAK and a Win!

Wow, was my weekend a whirl wind!! i hope you all had a fantabulous weekend!! i sure did... finally found some time this morning to load so pixs and now i'm ready to share them with you... bare with me, there's a lot to share today... hehe!

as some of you may have known, the DH and i took a day trip to Oahu for a doctor's appt. and we couldn't just go for that... of course we hoped to meet some friends and do a little shopping before coming back home... and yes, we did!! Friday was such a busy day... because we had to go to my appt., we missed DD#1's May Day program, which made me a sad... but we kept in contact with family that went in our place to make sure they had a chance to video tape it... the day before the program, DD#1 entered the artificial lei contest... thinking of what to give her as supplies, i used yarn to make pompoms and gave her a bag of beads... and this is what she created for her entry...
she was so proud of her lei... she said "Mommy, i made a pattern! i used one pompom and 5 beads and then did it again!!" *smiles* it turned out wonderful and well made... all the leis were displayed on the day of the program and we received a call that DD#1 placed 2nd in her division!!! WOW!! we are so PROUD of you sweetie!! it is the 2nd year that she placed in the top 3... last year she took 2nd too... just knowing that she won something makes her smile with pride... i couldn't get a picture of last year's entry... one of her classmates pulled the lei and the whole thing broke... poor girl came home crying! so this year i used dental floss to be sure it would hold....

so onto my trip to Oahu for the day... we took the first 2 flights to Oahu (yep, i was so tired, and hubby couldn't get onto the same flight as me, so he took the first on at 6am... i finally reached around 7am then we headed to get the rental car and off to my appt. the echo with the specialist lasted about an hour and half and from there it was smooth sailing to do whatever we wanted... we headed to Mililani and because it was too early to go shopping, we had some breakfast at Zippy's in Mililani Town Center... LOL, of all places to eat he chose Zippy's... i laugh because we have one here... hehe! by the time we were done, the mall was just opening up... the whole reason i wanted to go there was to check out Munchkins (a craft store there)... and i'm so glad i did! i got to meet Cyn, owner of Munchkins, who was so nice.... it was my first time there and it was nice to see the different products she had and so forth... i did pick up some new stamps and goodies that i can't wait to start playing with... and then by chance, we bumped into Shirley of Stampin for the Fun of it, there too!! i met Shirley through the blog world and we've communicated through email and RAKs and the like, but this time i got to meet her in person!! it was FABULOUS to meet these wonderful ladies, and i'm hoping we can get together again soon!!

did some small shopping at another mall and then it was off to check out J's knickknacks in Honolulu.... and guess who i met there?!?!
Cheryl of Life is Sweet!!!!! i met Cheryl last year in blogland and we chatted through cyberspace too... i emailed her before out trip to say i wanted to check out J's and hoped she'd be there... and she was!!! hubby and i got to meet her and her wonderful hubby Cliff!!! they are the sweetest... of course i couldn't leave without browsing the store and picking up a few things... went on a little spree since i can't get a lot of crafting stuff here... Thanks Cheryl and Cliff for letting me browse!!! hehe! oh and hubby too!!
Cheryl also suprised me with this cute RAK.... isn't this adorable?!? LOVE the color combo and the cute lil' buggy... =D
she also had this in the bag for me to take home... Thank you so much Cheryl!!! for your kindness and friendship!! Hope to meet you again!!!
i was hoping to meet my GFs Joy and Michelle too... but it was a work day and we had a flight back home and they had schedules i didn't want to mess up, so i didn't want to bother them just for a short visit... hope to see these gals in September for their trip to Maui!!!
alright... i think i babbled enough for today... it's back to reality and house chores and what not... hoping to get some craft time today since i didn't all weekend... well, as soon as i clean up the craft room, LOL! so i'll end this post with a little "eye" sweetness!! DD#1's 2n birthday cake from her pool party Saturday... oh, sorry you can't really see the Tinkerbell deco... i take horrible pictures... haha! Have a SWEET day!!!


  1. Omg! You are so sweet and I'm glad that I finally got to meet you and your hubby. I'm surprised on how much you were able to do in just one day here. So glad you had a great time here and thanks for the delicious cookies once again! Hope to see you again soon.

  2. You really packed a lot into one day! I love the yummies got and that necklace is just gorgeous!!!! She did a fantastic job!!!!!

  3. Hi Kris! I can't believe my visit to Munchkins was timed so perfectly--it was wonderful to finally meet you in person, you are just as sweet IRL as you are on your blog! Congrats to DD1 again, boy she is one special little lady!

  4. So glad you had a nice time sister. The necklace is so beautiful. :)

  5. Wow, you really did a lot on your one day trip! I'm so bummed I didn't get a chance to meet up with you. Glad you were able to hit the stores and spend some moolah. Not to mention bumping into so wonderful, wonderful people! :) Hope your scan went well . . . share some pics now! And you look great! :)

  6. I really wished you contacted me...I would have love to have met you and hang out! well that's okay. I know there will be plenty more times for us to get together. I hope you found lots of goodies. can't wait to see what you bought! so glad you got to go to two craft stores! see...more fun yah?! hope everything is going good. congrats to both your daughters...winning and celebrating!!! have a good week!

  7. Hello my Friend. I am so glad to hear from you. I was getting worried, but didn't want to bother you. I hope all went well at the appointment. Sure sounds like you had a terrific day. Don't you just love days like thaT? Congrats to DD#1 and Happy Birthday to DD2...heehhee. Hugs to you and yours. Hope you are getting your rest in. Lisa

  8. Looks like you had a busy day! Craft shopping is the best! Hope all went well with your appt. I wish I could've met up with you. Next time when you have more time to spend, okay? Take care...


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