Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Anniversary Darling!!

Oh Happy Day!!! Thanks for all your wonderful comments on my DT posts yesterday... hope it inspired you to join in on the fun... fabulous prizes are being given away, so you don't want to miss a thing!! i didn't forget, i just didn't have time to post about it, but Happy Belated Boys' Day to all that have boys... i didn't make any treats for boys' day because i don't have any boys... BUT, that will soon change... 99.9% sure we hope.. LOL... had my ultrasound yesterday and we are having a BOY!!! i couldn't believe it! i was for sure it would be another girl... that was a nice gift in celebration of boys' day for the hubby... Yay!!

Today is another very special day in my life... May 6, 2001 is when the hubby and i started dating... we made it legal and official on May 6, 2006... so today, we celebrate 9 years of being together... married for 4 years, but together for 9... wow!! ups and downs, rain and shine, we made it through... TOGETHER!! so today's showcase is the anniversary card i made for him...
this is the inside of the card...
i just loved the colors on this new Bo Bunny papers and bought a few sheets at BFC's last ad sale... it was perfect to make a loving and somewhat elegant anniversary card... i used the cake topper Ian and Anya couple from TGF and many flower and foliage punches... lots of layering and rhinestones... also entered this into the CA&F Wild Card Wednesday - May Flowers challenge happening over on the blog now...

Hubby asked what i wanted for our anniversary and mother's day together... he thought i'd ask for another set of diamonds... LOL... but then i said, "more craft supplies?" hahaha!! he just laughed... well, it could be cheaper than diamonds right?!? keyword is could.... =D

now i need to finish up some Mother's day cards... boy am i busy... and then i have to go through a whole bunch of DD#2's clothes and give some to charity... since we finally know what our next baby will be, it's time we can get rid of things we were saving... Thank you for stopping by today... hope you enjoyed viewing this card... should have a few more to share soon... next card to share will be the one i made for my April OCS partner... See you all soon!! for now... HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO MY DARLING HUSBAND!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!


  1. Congratulations Kris for your baby boy and your wedding anniversary! So glad for you sister. A big hug :)

  2. Congratulations Kris!! Wishing you both many many more happy years ahead!
    Jodi =)

  3. Congratulations Kris what a Happy Day!!! We got married in 2000 so this August is 10 years wow time fly's by!!!


  4. Congrats on the little one and Happy Anniversary!

  5. Congrats Kris on both the anniversary and baby BOY! I have two boys and still wish I had a girl, but boys are super fun. I love that anniversary card. It's so sweet!

  6. What exciting news...a BOY! Congratulations!! Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby!!

  7. Hi Kris, I'm so glad I stopped in to see your blog! Congratulations on your anniversary and the good news, a BOY, wow!!! So happy for you! Have a Happy Mother's Day, Kris!

  8. Happy Anny Kris!!!! Hope you guys had a wonderful day!!! Super adorable card!! Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Woohoo! Happy, happy anniversary Kris! :) Plus, congrats again on the great news! BOY! Yay . . . hubby is probably planning all the thing he will teach him and all the things they'll do together! How exciting!

  10. Happy Anniversary, Kris!! How exciting! We have one coming up soon too...June is 18 yrs together and August 8 yrs married. Yes, we went backwards, but all worth it! LOL!

    How exciting about your baby boy!! YAY!! I bet hubby is real excited and planning all those "Daddy and Me" moments...awesome!!

    Keep us posted on your gift...maybe you'll get some craft supplies with a little 'bling' attached!

    Have an awesome wknd!

  11. congrats on those wonderful years together! I am sure he's just as happy as you are! love the card as it came out so sweet! I think it's so sweet when the women make cards for the men in their lives. didn't know that men even cared that much to want to receive one. but I guess they do as the guys on my co-ed team are always asking me where is their birthday card. go figure! have a wonderful Anniversary!!!

  12. Huge Congrats Kris! Happy Anniversary and I'm glad your getting your li'l boy!


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